Milton Bradley Flips Off Rangers Fans

That didn’t take long. Two weeks after proclaiming himself baseball’s bad guy, Milton Bradley had his first “incident” as a Seattle Mariner. The upside is that he didn’t direct his anger towards any broadcasters or umpires this time. The bad news is he decided to get pissed at the fans and his actions were caught on TV. Check out this picture of Milton Bradley flipping off Rangers fans giving them the middle finger (uncensored version below):

My man Todd Wright who precedes my show on Sporting News Radio mentioned the story of Milton’s middle finger after he was tipped off by Evan Grant’s blog post on The Dallas Morning News site. Turns out that the answer to Grant’s question was yes, Bradley did indeed flip off the fans. I’m sure a fine and possibly a suspension will be forthcoming. And it looks like option D from the how long will Milton Bradley last in Seattle pool might be your winner. Uncensored version of the photo below.

Through five games Milton has as many middle fingers as he has hits on the season. Now that’s something to be proud of!

Did Milton Bradley impolitely salute fans? [The Dallas Morning News]
Pic via SeattleDawg18 on Twitter

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  • Gene

    This is not a big surprise. As with owners and players in other sports, I hope he gets a substantial fine.

    Milton is one of those poor souls who thinks the whole world is against him and he will always find something to complain about.

    In the meantime, he ignores his blessings in the form of the talent he was given, even though it allows him to make a living that 99% of Americans would be thrilled to be earning, and to live a fine lifestyle.

  • Doug

    He should have stayed in the Monopoly box.

  • Noah

    I find it ironic that he’s flipping off the same fans that supported him so much a couple of seasons ago when he was playing for the Rangers.

  • Ash

    Wow. I was at that game and totally didn’t realize he did that. EVERYTIME he got on the plate that weekend the stadium booed him. I was wondering what was up with that haha.