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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Texas Rangers Fan Got 2011 World Series Champs Tattoo. Oops. (Picture)

Crazy fans will just never learn.  If the Texas Rangers are looking for someone or something to blame for reaching the World Series two years in a row and failing to bring home the trophy, there are plenty of scapegoats.  The first one we showed you was this news station, which sent a smart phone alert out that proved to be entirely premature.  Looking for another?  Look no further than this crazy Rangers fan who got a 2011 Rangers world champs tattoo before Game 7 of the World Series.  Here is the picture that a Big League Stew reader passed along of his friend’s ink:

Fans who get tattoos like this one or this one are still pretty insane, but at least they aren’t doing it and praying their tattoo doesn’t end up being completely false.  If he had gotten a 2011 World Series tattoo and left the “champs” part out of it, he would be fine.  It’s people like this gentleman who have me thinking the industry of the future is that of tattoo removal.

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