So Chris Kaman’s a German Now …

I have no idea how this stuff works out, but somehow Chris Kaman is going to wind up playing for Germany in the Olympics. Yes, the dude was born in Michigan, which in case you had forgotten, is in the U.S., and even went to school at Central Michigan, too. Yet somehow he started contemplating playing for the German national team a few months ago. Dude’s great grandparents are German from what I understand, and I guess that was enough to get him German citizenship.

Honestly, I don’t get it. Is this really about patriotism or just some sort of mockery? Should I go try and play for the Polish baseball team because I’m like 1/16th Polish? Why would Chris Kaman go out of his way to do this? Does he live in Germany? Did he grow up in Germany? Does he work in Germany? Does he make money because of the German economy? I’d really like to know what part Germany played in his life prior to this citizenship anointment. Seriously, this is just becoming a joke. As long as Chris Kaman is allowed to play for the German national team, then you know this whole thing is bunk. What a joke.

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  • SpinMax

    Larry, I guess I would put it this way…the USA has been taking athletes and coaches from other
    countries for decades and in some cases fast-tracking their citizenship simply so they could represent
    us in the Olympics. And nobody has ever complained about it. Athletes who were not born here,
    have no family here, etc. Just like Kaman.

    In the mid 80s when Bela Kirolyi came to the states, he needed two US senators to get a bill
    passed granting him immediate citizenship status so that he could coach the women’s gymnastics team
    in the Olympics. How crazy is that? It’s happened here far more than overseas.

  • Anonymous

    Dude you know nothing about chris kaman so shut the hell up . asshole

  • Anonymous

    brown, you know nothing about chris kaman, so shut your face.