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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kentucky basketball’s ‘Wildcat Code’ revealed

john-calipariThe University of Kentucky men’s basketball team brings in some of the best high school players in the nation on an annual basis, but that does not mean the teenaged superstars don’t have to earn their place. Upon arriving on campus in Lexington, incoming freshmen have to immediately begin following the “Wildcat Code.”

Over the weekend, Kentucky recruit Dominique Hawkins revealed some of what the code entails. Hawkins told the Courier-Journal that the “Wildcat Code” is a points-based system that allows players to earn perks based on academic and physical¬†achievements. For example, players can earn one to four points per day by sitting at the front of class, showing their notes to teachers and putting in extra work at basketball practice.

The points are then used for things like gaining access to the team locker room and earning a private room in Kentucky’s sick new housing facility. Once players hit the 100-point mark, they are given their basketball jersey.

On Monday, Kentucky coach John Calipari jokingly needled Hawkins on Twitter about giving away secret details of the code.

“The first rule of the Wildcat Code is: You do not talk about the Wildcat Code,” Calipari wrote. “The second rule of the Wildcat Code is: You do not talk about the Wildcat Code. LOL.”

Calipari then clarified that he is not upset with Hawkins, who he described as a “good kid” who has been doing well with the team so far. He explained that the “Wildcat Code” is geared toward making players earn everything and that all of their grades will be revealed at the end of the summer. While we know people will somehow spin this into a way that Calipari is violating NCAA rules, it actually sounds like a pretty decent idea.

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