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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Kobe Bryant refutes retirement rumor started by phony Twitter account

We have heard of athletes hitting up Twitter to refute phony reports, but how many athletes respond via Twitter to refute fake reports started by phony Twitter accounts? Kobe Bryant is one of those guys. Why? Probably because he relishes the opportunity to put his doubters in place, even if his doubters are make believe.

The whole thing started on Sunday night when a fake Twitter account of someone pretending to be Yahoo! Sports reporter Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that Kobe was supposedly retiring. Note that this fake account has three “O’s” in Yahoo! where there should be two:

fake Kobe tweet

Somehow that tweet managed to receive 288 retweets, including retweets from some pretty big sports figures on Twitter. It apparently made enough noise to prompt Kobe to respond:

Did we really think Kobe was going to retire? Not a chance. There’s no way that guy would go out with a torn Achilles’ tendon injury. No way he’d let that be his last impression on the NBA.

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