Lil Wayne has a nickname for Jeremy Lin: I call him Lin Laden

If you can sit through more than eight minutes of Lil Wayne talking sports, feel free to watch the entire video below. If you simply want to hear Lil Wayne’s thoughts on the phenomenon that is Jeremy Lin, cut to around the 3:00 mark. Beware of some NSFW language at the end of the video:

There you have it — as if Lin didn’t have enough nicknames. Apparently Weezy is a Lakers fan, so he isn’t down with the Linsanity. That’s why he came up with the nickname “Lin Laden” for Jeremy Lin. I’m not sure Lin would agree with being compared to a terrorist, but perhaps the Knicks wouldn’t have beaten the Lakers if Kobe Bryant wasn’t so offended by the questions he had to answer about Lin before the game.

It may be offensive, but I guess Lin Laden is another compliment in a way. The nickname was earned by taking down Kobe, so that has to say something, right?

H/T I Am a GM

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    Lil Wayne

    (Verse 3)

    I got shot when I was 12,

    Lost my pop when I was 14

    Shot again at 20

    Will I shake these old dreams?

    We already have the holy water on my face

    And 3 blood drops dried on the side of my eyes

    Why we gotta kill our own kind when we rise?

    Got me looking down the ladder now when I climb

    Pulling up on my nephews

    And they don’t wanna drive

    They wanna learn how to work the tool

    And who am I not to do the duty?

    And just think, if pops advice get sent through black ink

    And that stinks, but homie that’s real

    And in the hood even steaks smell bad on the grill

    I remember when if you was a hustler, you was a winner

    Now that’s like raking up leaves in the winter

    And that ain’t even cool, to miss a few summers