Rockets’ Streak Is Almost Meaningless

History tells us that Houston’s 20-game winning streak is tied for the second longest in the NBA. Only one other team in league history has won more consecutive games. That’s pretty impressive, but I’ll tell you why it’s nearly meaningless. To start, the Rockets would have to practically win out to approach the top streak in history, meaning they’re all but certain to only be second on the list. That’s cool and all, but it’s not too memorable. Additionally, given the circumstances of the Western Conference, the Rockets still have plenty of time to slip in the standings. Currently they’re only tied for first place in their division. They’ve won a quarter of their games in a row, and they’re still not even the top team in the conference, let alone division. That just speaks to the level of competition. Even if they play .600 ball the rest of the way, other teams can outperform them, leaving them to easily slip down to around the 6th spot.

Next, the fact that this is only the regular season renders the streak almost meaningless. Sure it’s helping them make the playoffs, but what good is this all if they don’t even make it out of the first round? T-Mac was left to cry last year after failing to win a playoff series yet again. They’re winning even without Yao in the lineup? Big deal. Let em win when it really matters. And when they did beat Dallas last week, wasn’t it without Dirk since he was suspended for the game? Things just fell into place otherwise it would have been over last week. So sure, this is a nice story, and it’s given me a top headline for the past week or so, but unfortunately, it’s almost meaningless. Good luck to you, Rockets, in the playoffs — where choking happens.

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  • http://www.intentionalfoul.com Chris

    The fact only three other teams in NBA history can match or exceed the Rockets streak speaks volumes. If it was so meaningless, why haven’t other teams done it?

  • Jeff

    History shows the team who is streaking heading into the playoffs usually ends up winning, not the team who is streaking in the middle of the season. It does speak volumes what the Rockets have done, it just has nothing to do with their chances in the Playoffs, which is what Larry is getting at.

  • Gene

    The only other two teams to win at least 20 consecutive games won the NBA championship. Both of those teams did it in the early 1970’s (1971 and 1972, to be exact). Thus, a 20 game winning streak is nothing to sneeze at.

    That being said, the whole NBA regular season is meaningless. Ask Shaq. I have no idea why people pay out a huge chunk of change to even bother watching regular season games in person.

  • http://maxsportz.com maxsportz

    Will be meaningless if they fall in round one as usual. If they make a deep run (I doubt it) the streak will be memorable. Only regular season record I remember from the Bulls is 72-10 , but I remember 6 rings and about 25 playoff “moments”

  • Ace

    Couldn’t disagree with you more larry… this streak is full of meaning to the rockets. They lost one of their top players to injury and were counted out of the playoffs at that point. So being able to continue this streak while Yao is out and all teh critics doubting them is a huge confidence booster. And if you think that’s meaningless then i’ll have to refer u to this past super bowl in which the Giants played a great regular season ending game against the pats and rode that wave of confidence into the post season. Confidence can be a huge difference maker and to deny that is crazy.

  • http://bearsnecessity.com Avinash

    Ugh. The fact that the Rockets won 21 straight games to climb to the top spot is in itself impressive. I’m guessing you’re equating it to the Patriots winning 18 in a row?

  • brandon

    The rockets are a mystery. Yea, 22 in a row is really really impressive, which tells me they can compete at a high level and maintain it over a long period of time, which is what you have to do in the playoffs. Im buying on the rockets because they don’t have a coach who will break them down when they don’t need it, true leaders who will maintain team morale and cohesion, a phenominal defensive presence on the perimiter and a stop gap in the middle, and a legit scorer who can create his own shot and get fouled if he can’t make shots. They have the pieces, can they put them together? The signs that tell me now are this – McGrady never getting out of the first round, Adelman’s teams always finding ways to lose when it matters, and grandpa mutombo. it is march, will dekembe be ready in may? thats 2 months away. And the west, where dallas is a bottom 3 seed. You saw what the warriors did last year, you could randomly seed the teams this year and it wouldn’t matter. Lets revisit this in may.