Tracy McGrady Choked Again

Prior to the Jazz/Rockets series, Tracy McGrady took full responsibility for the playoff future of Houston in an interview with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, saying “If we don’t win this series, it’s on me.” Well, the Rockets lost Game 7, at home, to the Jazz, meaning Tracy McGrady failed to get out of the first round of the playoffs for the sixth time in his career. He stood up to the media and faced the firing squad, and respectably took full responsibility for the loss.

But man, I just can’t help but not label T-Mac a choke. How can you look at it any other way? Where was he in the 4th quarter against the Jazz? Did the Rockets not have a 5 point lead with six minutes to go in the game? How can you blow a game you were controlling? If T-Mac didn’t let his team choke, they would have preserved the lead and advanced to the second round. Utah is led by Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams for the most part. Last time I checked they weren’t as experienced as T-Mac. So how did he let his team fail? I feel bad for Tracy McGrady for taking the loss so harshly after he put so much on his shoulders, but my sympathy won’t keep me from calling him a choke.

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    McGrady was really, really good out there… it was just that no one else really was, and the Jazz big men were too quick. The offense (led by TMac) was not the problem… the problem was that no one on Houston was quick enough down low to stick with Boozer. Unless McGrady was going to be able to guard Boozer I have a hard time faulting him for loss.

    The Jazz were simply a better team.

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