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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Offers to Pay for Joe Frazier Funeral Services

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has more money than he knows what to do with — literally. We love to make fun of the fact that he is constantly spending his millions of dollars on unnecessary luxuries and gambling millions at a time on football games and other sporting events.  Since we heckle him for spending money on things that we perceive to be dumb and obnoxious, we might as well give him credit when he offers to use it generously. As Black Sports Online pointed out, Mayweather offered to pay for Joe Frazier’s funeral services. He made the announcement via Twitter Monday night.

As you probably heard, Frazier passed Monday after a battle with liver cancer.  It was well-known that Frazier was struggling financially since he left boxing and dealt with health issues, so the offer from Mayweather could be put to use.

Given his history and openness about needing to maintain his “money” image, it would be fair to accuse Floyd’s offer of being merely a PR stunt.  However, Mayweather is a known admirer of Frazier and has given us no reason to think he cares about his public image, so the gesture is likely sincere.  It would take an extremely cynical person to criticize Mayweather for offering to provide a boxing legend with a proper burial.

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