If Manny Pacquiao Weren’t Guilty, He Wouldn’t Have Anything to Hide

Maybe things happened too quickly creating a “too good to be true” scenario in boxing. After all, organizing a fight and getting two high-profile individuals to agree to contract terms is one of the most complex processes in sports. Despite all that, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. supposedly had agreed to fight mid March in Las Vegas until a matter of drug testing came in the way.

Floyd’s father accused Pacquiao of using steroids and/or supplements in an interview a few months ago and it looks like he was right on. Mayweather’s camp wants both fighters to submit to Olympic-style WADA drug testing prior to the fight, which is more stringent than drug testing outlined by the Nevada Gaming Commission. Pacquiao only wants to submit to drug testing prior to the media kickoff tour of the fight and after the fight. It does not take a genius to figure out that the lapse between tests is plenty of time to do a cycle of drugs.

The excuses coming from Pacquiao’s side are pathetic. Trainer Freddie Roach says the request proves Mayweather is scared. Promoter Bob Arum says Floyd is just harassing Pacquiao because he knows Manny feels weakened by giving blood. There’s no doubt that Floyd recognizes the talent of Pacquiao and that he’s in danger of losing. Even with that being the case, there’s nothing wrong with requesting stringent drug testing for the fight. The retort by Arum is pathetic and offbase. It’s clear he’s just trying to spin the issue but he doesn’t have much ammunition in this argument. The undeniable bottom line is that Pacquiao would not have anything to hide if he weren’t doing anything wrong. What’s so hard about Manny agreeing to random drug tests during his training? There shouldn’t be anything wrong with it as far as I can tell. Maybe there’s a lot more to Pacquiao’s story that helps explain his late career surge.

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  • Gene

    Commissioner Mayweather should not be trying to change the rules of boxing. I remember his comment about HBO offering him “slave wages” and come to the conclusion that he isn’t happy with the so-called 50-50 split of the purse.

  • giuest

    is it a requirement for pro boxers to go under olympic style doping test?

    anyone you know who did such test in pro boxing in the whole history of the sport?

    if they demand it from manny, should they demand it from everybody as well!?! isn’t that just being fair?

  • guest

    the burden of proof is on the side of the accuser. manny doesn’t have to do more what is required of him to prove that he is innocent.

  • Steve

    Careful moron, or you’ll also be sued for defamation. Unless you have something to rest your insinuations on, put your pointing finger back up your ass where it’s been all your life.

  • chie

    if manny will be proved innocent from these accusations, is it possible that can he sue those people who points fingers on him?

    i mean i just hope that nobody can just give accusations to people(that can even costs a man’s career) and gets away with it.

  • ugk

    As much as i am a fan of pacman, this whole episode looks bad on manny and his team. If both boxers are tested in the same way, there should be no excuses whatsoever coming from anyone to avoid it.

  • Daniel

    If it is good enough for the olympics why is not good for the Pac Man? I hope I am
    not insinuating anything. I guess Miguel Cotto is also going to have to be sued, because
    he is insinuating the same thing. Mayweather has no problems with the random testing. Whats the hold up? lets get in the ring and settles this. Manny was fighting 12 round tug of war decisions with Marquez at 130. Then steps in Alex Ariza, EVERY fight since then has been a blow out no matter how big or strong the opponent. Personally, I liked Manny more when he was human, he had some awesome fights. I also like Barry Bonds better when he was a 40-40 player, oh well.

  • nj_pops

    i dont understand why other bobers have been put to take this same test and none refuse. i dont understand why mayweather is being critisized when he said yes. he is being critisized for bringing it down to 14 days before the fight and right after.. so why is manny not in the hot seat?? i recall manny saying no.. i recall him saying he is afraid of needles(but has tatts) he would be drained (never prooven and it never happened) just because he lost to a mexican legend when he got tested his excuse is the test drained him. that is B.S. this is boxing a mans sport a needle to the arm wont kill anyone. you have kids doing this under the age of 10 its called flu shots. if you have nothing to hide why say NO and walk away leaving your fans unhappy and laving behind 40 million dollars.. its not about the money they say(pacman fans) then you tell a rich person that he has a chance of making 40 million easily lets see if they walk away.

  • Hummwerhead

    It is clear that the reason Mayweather requires the testing on his terms (olympic style) is he is afraid of Pacquiao capability and he will do everything to his advantage OR just trying ways to duck from seemingly unbeatable contender. His team knows that blood sample (invasive testing) will or may affect Pacquiao both physically and psychologicaly and this will give him advantage during the fight OR Pacquiao will refuse to accept (and sure, Mayweather then has evaded the risk of defeat)
    Analyze these: 1. Pacquiao agreed to blood testing 24 days before fight and right after the fight. 2. Will submit to unlimited uninvasive testing which are now as good as blood testing (urine, saliva & hair). 3. Pacquiao has been tested throughout his career and never failed. 4. He is a superstar whith much eyes on him and that would not risk his stardom. These just show that Pacquiao is not hiding anything. His team is just making every precaution that may affect his performance. 5. Mayweather has ducked to several opponents while Pacquiao never select his contenders and fights everyone in the line. 6. Who has the clean record on and off the ring? (Though many says that Pacquiao rise to fame is like Fairy Tale (rug to riches) and many are suspicious BUT that is not the point. It is his pure capability/talent as a fighter from the very start of his career that put him to fame and that’s not fairy tale nor PED necessary/involved.

  • Necy

    Pacquaio goes through painfull extensive training gets beat with bamboo sticks a needle stick is not going to hurt him. Take the test and quit making excuses Unless He Has something to hide