Nobody Wants Their Ass Kicked by a Senior Citizen

That apparently is one of Bernard Hopkins’ mottos. He’s 42-years-old and proud. In the reality of today’s sports, he’s one year younger than Vinny Testaverde, two years younger than Roger Clemens, almost three years younger than Evander Holyfield, and six years younger than Julio Franco. Dude’s practically a spring chicken. But in the following video that was passed along to me to promote the upcoming Hopkins/Winky Wright fight on Saturday, it shows the manlove between Bernard and UFC champ Randy Couture who’s 44-years-old. The video — “Bernard Hopkins is…The Bionic Man”

Dude, if that doesn’t send you memories of Ivan Drago, then I don’t know what does. Well, except for all the muscles…and steroids (so far that we know of).

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  • kurtis gaskin

    Bernard is a throwback. Any steroid accusations, veiled, or not are unfounded, and are merely an attempt at dissing greatness. The poor mock the rich, and the lazy mock the successful. Bernard is a class act, and you cant taint his legacy.

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