Roy Hibbert texts Tim Duncan for advice on how Spurs do it

Roy HibbertThe San Antonio Spurs are considered to be a model NBA franchise, even for players who aren’t even on the team. Such is the case for Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert, who says he texts Tim Duncan for advice.

At the Pacers’ media day on Tuesday, Hibbert revealed that he watched the Spurs in the NBA Finals last season and looks to them for inspiration.

“You just watch how they play and I watched them close,” Hibbert told the Indianapolis Star. “I’m close to Tim (Duncan). We were texting a couple days ago. I’m asking him for advice, just the way they go about their business but yeah, I watched them closely.”

If there’s a team whose model you want to replicate, it’s definitely the Spurs. Their incredible teamwork highlighted by their impressive ball movement led to enormous success last season and a championship.

Not everyone can do what they do, but it’s worth trying your best to see if you can. And if there’s anything Duncan might say to Hibbert, it’s don’t go from an All-Star to non-factor in the same season.

Shelly Sterling called police over Donald, V Stiviano meeting

Donald Shelly Sterling

Shelly Sterling called the police Wednesday upon learning that V. Stiviano was at her Beverly Hills mansion and tried to get her nemesis arrested, according to a report.

TMZ says when Shelly learned that Stiviano was at the home the former Clippers owner shares with her husband, she believed it was due to a break-in. She tried to get Stiviano arrested, but Beverly Hills police responding to the call found out Stiviano was an invited guest.

Stiviano is believed to be one of Donald’s mistresses, though she has denied the claim. She was the one baiting him when he was caught on an audio recording making racist comments that were leaked to the media, eventually resulting in Donald being forced out as the team owner.

Shelly has a beef with Stiviano that goes back to earlier this year when Shelly sued Stiviano with the “gold-digger” lawsuit that alleged V. “embezzled” around $2 million from the Sterling family. In reality, the luxury cars, gifts and real estate were presents from Donald. The lawsuit set the stage for Stiviano to retaliate with the audio recording.

Keep in mind that Stiviano hinted in the past that she has a child with Donald. That could be one of many reasons why she would be meeting with Donald.

Rex Chapman enters substance abuse program

Rex Chapman

Rex Chapman has entered a substance abuse treatment program, according to a report.

WDRB in Louisville’s Rick Bozich reports that Chapman, who was a star basketball player in college at Kentucky, began a 28-day program at The Brook Hospital in Louisville on Monday.

Bozich says Chapman has a reliance on suboxone. Suboxone can be used as a pain medication and also can be used by those addicted to opioids like heroin and oxycodone.

Chapman was arrested two weeks ago for allegedly shoplifting $14,000 in goods from an Apple store in Arizona and selling the merchandise at a pawn shop. He is facing 9 felony counts for stealing the goods and 5 felony counts for selling them.

[Watch: Alleged thefts caught on video]

Chapman played 12 seasons in the NBA but never played more than 75 games in a season because of multiple injuries.

Kobe Bryant wore ‘Ringsssss’ shirt to practice


Kobe Bryant has a near countless amount of accolades worthy of bragging about from what will be a Hall of Fame career when he calls it quits. Among them are the five NBA championships he’s won.

With this in mind, it’s fitting (and pretty fantastic) that Bryant showed up to Lakers practice on Tuesday wearing a Nike shirt with “RINGSSSSS” on the front. There’s, of course, one S for each Larry O’Brien Trophy he’s hoisted. Add the Black Mamba logo that appears on his signature sneakers and you have brilliance.

Oh, and could Kobe’s pose and facial expression be more perfect while wearing that shirt? I mean, just look at him.

Photo: Instagram/lakersscene

Trey Burke apologizes for nude photo leak

Trey-BurkeUtah Jazz point guard Trey Burke is yet another athlete who has become the victim of a recent nude photo leak. The compromising photos surfaced about a month ago but began making their way around Twitter this week. On Monday, Burke apologized for putting his family and teammates in an uncomfortable situation.

“Publicly, I want to first and foremost apologize to my family [and] apologize to the Miller family, as well as my teammates,” he said, per The Salt Lake Tribune. “We already talked about it in the locker room. From this day forward, it won’t happen again. They were old pictures. They were meant to be kept private but they weren’t. So from this day forward my actions and my judgments will be much better.”

It is unclear if Burke was the victim of a “Fappening” type photo hack or if someone simply shared photos that Burke sent to them.

Last week, Hope Solo — another victim of a nude photo scandal — called it “sad and unfortunate” that so many women have had their rights violated through the unauthorized release of private photos. The Burke incident is a reminder that while most of the victims are women, men can also have their privacy violated. Remember, it was both Justin Verlander and Kate Upton who were victims of a hack.

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LeBron James hair has gone missing again

LeBron James

Whatever is going on with LeBron James’ hair is incredibly bizarre. Earlier this month, speculation resurfaced that LeBron had gotten hair plugs. Photos that were taken at a Nike event where James was unveiling his new shoes showed him with a hairline that was fully intact. Yet suddenly, the receding hairline is back.

A series of photos from the Cleveland Plain Dealer show LeBron at the Cleveland Cavaliers’ first official practice, and his balding looks worse than ever. The photo you see below on the left is from Monday. The one on the right was taken just a couple weeks ago.

What the hell is going on here? We know airbrushing and photoshop are powerful tools, as we saw when it appeared LeBron’s hair had made a comeback two years ago. But the photos from the Nike event earlier this month are all over the Getty wire, meaning it is highly unlikely that they were doctored in any way.

My guess before was that the way LeBron’s hairline looks depends on the length of his hair, but it didn’t appear all that much shorter in the photos from Monday. This must be one of those mysteries that only bald multimillionaires understand.

Joe Johnson on Nets under Jason Kidd: We practiced, but not really

Jason KiddHow’s this for an indictment of the way Jason Kidd coached the Brooklyn Nets?

At Nets media day on Friday, Nets guard Joe Johnson was asked about the practice styles of former Nets head coach Jason Kidd and the team’s new coach, Lionel Hollins. Johnson says Hollins cares a lot about practice. As for Kidd, not so much.

“We practiced but … not really,” Johnson said with a laugh, getting laughs from the reporters as well.

Kidd and the Nets struggled to start the season, leading to speculation that the rookie head coach would lose his job. Once more of his players got healthy, the team started to win and made the playoffs. Then Kidd abruptly left for the Milwaukee Bucks.

I wonder if Kidd’s attitude towards practice had anything to do with his friction with Lawrence Frank, who was his former assistant. It’s also interesting that we heard the exact same thing about Mark Jackson, who was let go by the Warriors.

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