Big 12 admits officiating mistakes at end of Kansas-Iowa State game

Kansas-Iowa-State-no-callKansas came away with an exciting 108-96 overtime win over Iowa State on Monday night, but the victory did not come without questions. The Big 12 reviewed the officiating from the game and admitted mistakes were made.

Here’s the statement issued by the conference on Tuesday:

“The Big 12 Conference acknowledges that officiating errors were made at the end of regulation during last night’s Kansas at Iowa State men’s basketball game,” the statement says. “The plays have been reviewed and appropriate measures will be taken by the Coordinator of Men’s Basketball Officials to adjust the number of future assignments for the two officials involved in conjunction with Conference policies.”

The play that is believed to be in question came with five seconds remaining in regulation when Kansas was trailing 90-88. Jayhawks guard Elijah Johnson drove to the lane and barreled through Iowa State forward Georges Niang. No charging foul was called. Instead, Niang was called for a hold when Johnson missed the shot and the ball was loose on the floor.

Naturally, Johnson went on to hit both free throws and send the game to overtime, where Kansas won it.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/leroy.galster1 LeRoy Galster

    What about the other calls early in game that changed the play of the kids and it was on both teams  We won but it was a very poor called game . Officials’ need to call game the same start to finish.  

  • wtelvis

    As a 28 year veteran basketball official, I have two things to point out to the author of this article.  First, there is NO such thing as having to have your feet SET in order to draw a charging foul!  You can be moving sideways of backwards as long as you have established a guarding position on your opponent.  Secondly, the call is based on “verticality,” that is, has the defender established a guarding position (which the video seems to support) and is he in a vertical stance?  The latter is the problem.  It appears that the defender began to “bail out” prior to contact.  Had he stood his ground, the call should have been charging. . .no basket allowed and a change of possession.  Having said all that. . .I was NOT there and did not see the contact from the position of the lead official.  I cannot see the Big 12 Commissioner making any change or calling the official on the carpet for the call.  I worked for 8 years in Division I and, believe me, this is one of the toughest calls an official has to make. . .especially in a close game.

  • dukemd69

     I also watched this game.  Not a fan of either team. OBVIOUS offensive foul on Johnson.  Game over. Kansas loses. No O/T.  Refs miss the big call.