Tom Izzo Is Making the Right Decision by Not Speaking

Tom Izzo, the current basketball coach at Michigan State, is keeping his mouth shut when it comes to potentially the biggest decision of his career. Izzo is reported to be the candidate that the Cleveland Cavaliers are most interested in to fill their head coach vacancy.

Izzo was asked by a boy at a basketball camp on Monday whether he had decided on his future. He replied by saying that it was a “bad question” and refused to give any insight on his decision to his campers.

I think Izzo is making the right move in not speaking about his future plans. Whether he has or hasn’t made up his mind on accepting the job, he is beloved by the students at Michigan State and he should approach the situation with a little more sensitivity than to just answer a reporter’s question if he is to leave the school.

Izzo has a big decision on his hands. He could accept the Cavs position and double his salary to $6 million, but he’ll want to know LeBron’s free agency decision first. If LeBron stays, he would be coaching one of the greatest, if not the greatest player in the league right now. But Izzo has been coached at Michigan State since 1993 and his loyalties may lie with the students who respect and adore him so much.

It’s hard to predict what Izzo will do with out knowing what King James plans on doing. But here’s what I think: LeBron will stay in Cleveland and Izzo will decide that he’s ready for the NBA and announce his acceptance of the position with the Cavs. I’m not a mind reader though, ladies and gentlemen, so don’t go run and bet your buddies based on my thoughts. But if I had an opportunity to coach The King, I just don’t think I could pass it up.

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  • SpinMax

    No way, stay at school. Be an all time legend

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    LeBron’s not staying in Cleveland so Izzo won’t take the job. Like Spin said, he should stay and continue to build his legend

  • johnny jihadist

    as a UM fan, this blasphemy actually would’ve helped my team had it unfolded…but i couldn’t possibly be happer that izzo the living legend made the ONLY decision there was to be made…i’ll NEVER understand the rationale behind these offers with owners throwing around their david stern TV money…the greatness of college hoop and the fake, fixed, crooked pro game AREN’T EVEN THE SAME SPORT!!…any fools that think they are also believe that pitino, calipari, lon kruger, tark the shark and mike montgomery don’t know how to coach and that phil jackson (pfffft) could walk onto any campus and win a title right away…gimme a break!…it’s beyond proven that the success doesn’t correlate in any way and this is a victory for those of us who ONLY watch the college game