Big 12 Coaches on South Park

If you were reading a while back, you might remember the ongoing series of college coaches as South Park figures. There was the old Big 12 group, the ACC, the SEC, Big Ten, and Pac-10. Naturally, coaching changes have taken place as they do every year. Luckily for us someone has stayed current on their South Park caricatures:

(Missourah via Ballhype)

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  • Time Is Illmatic

    why is ron prince a stoner?

    and mack brown’s hair never looks that disheveled in real life…shit is funny though mike gundy cracks me up IM A MAAAAAN!

  • http://www.stormingthefloor.com Extra P.

    If anyone’s a stoner, it’s Hawkins.

  • http://kansas.rivals.com PeteJayhawk

    I don’t think Prince’s look says “stoner”. It is the blissful smile of one unencumbered by things like truth or reality or gray matter.

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  • http://scottspeaks.com Scotty

    Yeah I know for a fact Hawkins is a stoner. Ron Prince is just hangin out with Dan too much.