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Sunday, May 27, 2018

LSU’s Sam Montgomery Had ‘No Idea’ Who Bear Bryant Was

Mostly everyone knows who Bear Bryant is. If you are a casual college football fan or have seen the movie Forrest Gump, you have heard the legend of the greatest college coach of all time. Wait, haven’t you? Apparently the story of Bryant has not made its way completely around the country and through every locker room.

According to CBSSports.com via Bryan Fischer on Twitter, LSU defensive end Sam Montgomery claimed he had no idea who Bear Bryant was when asked about him on Tuesday.  It wasn’t just that Montgomery didn’t know how many championships Bryant won or why he is considered to be such a legendary coach — he literally had no clue who he was.

“I don’t know anything about Bear Bryant,” Montgomery said. “I really haven’t looked at film that much. Oh, their coach. I have no idea. I thought Bear Bryant was a player.”

If there is ever a game of Trivial Pursuit college football edition played in the LSU locker room, we know who the last overall draft pick will be.  Michael Oher never having heard of Steve Jobs was bad, but a college football player not knowing who Bryant is would be like the manager at an AT&T store being unfamiliar with Jobs.  Bryant only won six national championships and more than 300 games with the Crimson Tide back in the 60s and 70s.  Someone get this man some college football reading material before he falls further behind.

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