Rich Rodriguez Claims Innocence in Recruiting Drug Dealer Justin Feagin

justin-feaginLook, I might not know the ins and outs of Michigan’s recruiting, but I do know one thing: Rich Rodriguez has a reputation for recruiting players of the most questionable character. At West Virginia, some of the NFL’s biggest delinquents played for him including Pacman Jones and Chris Henry. That’s why it wasn’t too surprising to hear that Michigan quarterback Justin Feagin was a drug dealer who was kicked off the Wolverines team when it was found out he was brokering a coke deal on campus. Rich Rod’s playing dumb, saying there were no negatives with Feagin until that point. I’m not buying it:

The fact is Rodriguez had been recruiting Justin Feagin for several months. He did not just discover him in late January 2008 and sign him in early February. Rodriguez and his quarterbacks coach, Rod Smith, originally wanted Feagin to join them at West Virginia.

[Feagin's] cohort in the coke deal, T.J. Burke, told police it was “common knowledge that Feagin sold marijuana.” And Feagin said he had been in a fight in Studio 4 in Ann Arbor and that police were called.

I’ve already made up my mind on this one, but as they say on Monday Night Football, you make the call. Hmm, a guy who recruited Pacman, Chris Henry, and a convicted armed robber to his West Virginia team knew exactly what he was getting into. Rodriguez will win at all costs and bring down the quality and reputation of the university in the process. Ohio State fans must be having a field day with this one.

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  • JS

    Before Ohio State or any other school’s fans have a field day, perhaps they should check their own athlete’s ledgers vis a vis indescretions with the law. There’s a good likelihood there’s unsavory characters on almost every top team. Or even bottom team.

  • SpinMax

    Every team has their share of idiots and criminals. Ohio State will always get the Maurice Clarett card played against us(yea I’m a buckeye) despite Tressel running a pretty clean program. Guys like RichRod and Bowden are in a class of their own, though for recruiting these numbskulls. I know Mich fans who’d rather lose with honour under Carr than win with guys like this. I don’t want my school to cheat either, rather lose than have that label.