Texas A&M met with Johnny Manziel and his parents about post-Heisman behavior

johnny manziel cashJohnny Manziel has gone from a relatively unknown college football player to a celebrity athlete in a matter of months. His legend grew after he helped Texas A&M beat national champion Alabama at Tuscaloosa in November, and his celebrity status was cemented after he won the Heisman Trophy in December. With the increased fame has come increased scrutiny. Manziel has made headlines for going clubbing after winning his Heisman, sitting courtside at a Mavericks-Heat NBA game, and flashing cash inside an Oklahoma casino. Though Manziel may not have broken any rules in those instances, he may have generated unwanted attention that Texas A&M would like him to avoid.

Texas A&M’s athletic director met with Manziel and his parents to talk about how to best handle his new fame.

“I told them he’s no longer a freshman, and he’s no longer a sophomore, junior or senior. He is a ‘Heisman,'” athletic director Eric Hyman told the San Antonio Express-News on Sunday.

Hyman stressed how life-changing it is to be a Heisman Trophy winner.

“It’s (about) education, and we’ve got to help the family and Johnny with the transition into being a Heisman award winner,” Hyman said. “There are things you have to learn, and we have to help him with that.”

“That’s a special fraternity, but you also have to understand (Manziel) is 20 years old,” Hyman said. “It’s a tremendous responsibility — but it is a responsibility.”

Does this mean all the fun is gone now that Manziel’s had a meeting inside the principal’s office? Let’s hope not. He has been one of the most entertaining athletes over the past few months. Unfortunately, this sounds a heck of a lot like when the Patriots told Rob Gronkowksi that the “summer of Gronk” was over.

Helmet smack to Game On!

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  • MaroonOnFire

    sooner?  mike?  Is that you coach crybaby?

  • MaroonOnFire

    Guess you dont have any kids, or they aren’t “grown men.”  Just wait until you have a 20 yr old in the house and then tell me he’s a grown man.  By the age, yes. Real life, no.

  • MaroonOnFire

    Amen, cut Manziel some slack, he’s still just a kid having fun, and he hasn’t broken one single rule since he was even in the Heisman talk. He’s stated he made a mistake with his pre-season mishap and learned from it.  He’ll be fine, plus not one single guy can sit there and say if they were the most exciting player in cfb, your team knocking off #1 on national stage, winning the Heisman on prime time tv, whipping OU in bowl game…..i’m sure you would not talk to girls, not go to a single bar (as a college kid!), not gamble in a casino, not meet other superstar athletes, or go to a single pro sporting event if you could, no Lettermen or Leno if you were invited.  You’d just sit at home, on the couch, play video games and do nothing. Think about it.

  • MaroonOnFire

    Exactly, spot on

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SO6G5TIYCCXMEDPRJT3P7SGRO4 Robert

    I don’t even like A&M except for their ROTC department, but this kid rocks.  Give him a break, he is 20 and plays a man sport.  Let him have his fun as long as he is not hurting himself or anybody.  If he keeps up the play on the field, he will be one of the best we have seen in a long time.   Go Johnny

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RBOWT2VP5FUWYQAUNXZFXKBEL4 X X

    Manziel was a redshirt freshman/academic sophomore.  He deserved to win the Heisman, but stop trying to perpetuate the freshman myth.

  • jack_sprat2

     Some trolls work hard, to be all that they can be. On the other hand, there are those like Fred here, who simply (!) can’t help it. These were born to live underneath a bridge. Small minded, bitter, envious little folk, eagerly wishing misfortune onto others. Ugh!

  • jack_sprat2

    I mean, come on, you called him to a meeting with his parents? You basically staged an intervention. For me, that would be GAME OVER! Adios. Enjoy your next job, putz.

  • jack_sprat2

     More like, get the wife to let his junk out of the CBT device, so that he can get some relief.