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Saturday, April 21, 2018

OJ Simpson Worried He’ll Be Killed in Jail by White Aryan Warrior Gang

I’m sure that having sympathy for O.J. Simpson is high on your agenda. With that in mind, I present the latest twist in the O.J. saga: poor Juice is worried that he might be killed in prison now that he’s awaiting sentencing for his robbery and kidnapping case in Las Vegas. From the ANI:

[O.J.] is said to be a “target” for the brutal Aryan Warriors at Ely State Prison, Nevada. An insider said: “They”re a deadly prison gang whose members want to finally deliver OJ fatal justice. It”ll be like tossing meat to wolves. He”ll be dead within weeks.”

Guards have put him in an isolation cell at his current Las Vegas jail after he told pals: “I”m a dead man.” He is also on suicide watch.

Suicide. I’m sure that’s exactly what the American public wants from the guy. At least the way O.J.’s going he’ll wind up in prison for a healthy sentence. I’m not so sure death by Aryan Warrior gangs would be proper justice; that’s just too savage for my taste.

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