OJ Simpson Worried He’ll Be Killed in Jail by White Aryan Warrior Gang

I’m sure that having sympathy for O.J. Simpson is high on your agenda. With that in mind, I present the latest twist in the O.J. saga: poor Juice is worried that he might be killed in prison now that he’s awaiting sentencing for his robbery and kidnapping case in Las Vegas. From the ANI:

[O.J.] is said to be a “target” for the brutal Aryan Warriors at Ely State Prison, Nevada. An insider said: “They”re a deadly prison gang whose members want to finally deliver OJ fatal justice. It”ll be like tossing meat to wolves. He”ll be dead within weeks.”

Guards have put him in an isolation cell at his current Las Vegas jail after he told pals: “I”m a dead man.” He is also on suicide watch.

Suicide. I’m sure that’s exactly what the American public wants from the guy. At least the way O.J.’s going he’ll wind up in prison for a healthy sentence. I’m not so sure death by Aryan Warrior gangs would be proper justice; that’s just too savage for my taste.

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  • http://maxsportz.com maxsportz

    Funny how everyone wants blood from this murderer (ALLEGEDLY) but really does not think twice about lying politicians who propagate wars to suit their needs. I guess most people are not afraid to speak out against one man but won’t whisper a dissenting word about their federal govt.

  • Troy


    Can someone email me with what prison OJ will end up at. Will it be Ely for sure? Vegas has quite a few prisons and I am just curious which prison he’ll go too!


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1249322638 Sally Owen Esq.

    I do believe that a lot of the American public thinks that suspects should be tried by the media with all of their propaganda and money making sensationalization of the news and exploitation of both victims and suspects alike!  Regardless of how much the media would have loved to convict this man of murder, a JURY who heard ALL THE FACTS, not just bits and pieces like the media was giving out, found him “NOT GUILTY”!
    I just can’t believe how the general public seems to think they have the ability to be judge and jury without having even half the facts that a JURY is given!
    Another case on point is Casey Anthony. I watched most of what was televised of her trial. I don’t know if the JURY was correct in their verdict; however, they found her “NOT GUILTY”! I was not on that jury. I don’t know what I would have decided if I had been, but she is NOT GUILTY! Only God has the RIGHT to judge her now!
    Our government, Our Constitution, Our laws  give us the right to trial by jury NOT TRIAL BY MEDIA!!!
    WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Believing everything you see on the news is like going back to childhood where one cannot differentiate between what one sees in a movie and what one sees in real life!
    Next, will you be buying a Superman costume and stepping out onto the interstate to stop speeding traffic?????
    ANYONE who believes everything they see on the “NEWS” is a total moron!