Thierry Henry You Dog, You

Tony Parker must be used to this type of thing after dating Eva Longoria for so long now.  You get up to leave your seat, somebody is going to stare at your wife’s chest.  It doesn’t really matter if they’re a random fan or a close friend, it’s going to happen.  So when we see a picture of Thierry Henry staring at Eva Longoria’s chest, we shouldn’t be surprised at all.

Looks like the Red Bulls new star is already enjoying life in America.  Nothing like taking in a USA-France basketball game with one of the hottest women in the country.

SbB Live via SI Vault

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I think he was just looking for the beer man

  • http://twitter.com/d0nfry Don Berg

    these sites reporting this must be hurting for news. its obvious he is adjusting his seat or talking to someone behind him. plus her hair would block his view and no one is hat blatant i mean c’mon.