Chiefs-Broncos National Anthem Total Fail by Eli Young Band Singer

I guess you never had to attend elementary school in order to become a singer because it’s pretty impossible to get this far in life and not know the words to the National Anthem. How many times have you heard it before? You sung it growing up, you hear it at like every sporting event, yet somehow people butcher the lines — and these are ones who rehearse it! How is that possible?

This video comes courtesy of Broncos writer Lindsay Jones who passed along the YouTube link. A singer from the Eli Young Band absolutely butchered the National Anthem before the Chiefs-Broncos game in Kansas City not once but … twice. Just watch:

I would boo too. That performance was nothing short of shameful. Just pitiful, truly pitiful.

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  • Anonymous

    Friday night we had a girl go out there and the mic didn’t work…they stopped her halfway through to check the mic…and then they played
    the anthem thru the speakers just as they got the mic on.
    Saturday night it worked in bits and pieces.
    Sunday afternoon, the promo people told me that it worked, absolutely, no screwups today.
    Well after taking care of the ice, I went into the stands to talk to some family who came to the game.
    A small group was singing the anthem…I jokingly said watch this, the mic won’t work.
    It didn’t.