Brian Wilson has black and red nail polish on his fingers (Picture)

San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson is out for the season after having Tommy John surgery in April, but that doesn’t mean the Giants are free from his eccentric clubhouse ways.

Wilson was shown on TBS during Game 2 of the NLDS between the Giants and Reds and he was seen wearing red nail polish with black stripes down his fingernails. Wilson also seems to have added some tattoos to his left arm, giving him more of a sleeve look.

The Brian Wilson story doesn’t end there. He was photographed riding a motorized scooter nearby the Broadway Tunnel in San Francisco on Sunday, looking zany as ever in his tank top, pajama pants, and captain’s hat:

Hey, sailor Wilson, where have we seen the look before?

Photo via @NoshThis/Twitter

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  • JamesT32

    Sure those nails aren’t actually ORANGE and black?  Probably, but yeah, who cares?  Wilson is so bizarre that he almost strikes you as possibly being a burgeoning schizophrenic, but then again I’ve heard people say he’s by far the most intelligent and well-spoken person in that clubhouse so who the hell knows.  I’ll say this, the guy is definitely an athlete for the times and that likely says much more about the times than it even says about him.   Surprised the Giants couldn’t get a split in SF, stick a fork in them for 2012.

  • steve66oh

    I think the nails are cool – I mean, it’s just paint, who says men can’t wear it? What I want to know is… why are so many MLB closers sporting bushy lumberjack beards? The “lumberjack look” seems to me more appropriate for HR leaders, cleanup hitters and DHes – the guys who swing the lumber…