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Monday, April 23, 2018

Report: Aaron Hernandez was heavy angel dust user

Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez was a heavy angel dust user and close to being cut by Bill Belichick because of his conduct, according to a new report.

Rolling Stone did some serious investigation into the life and background of Hernandez for a story called “The Gangster in the Huddle.” In a tease to the informative story, the magazine reveals six shocking items about the former New England Patriots tight end, who has been charged with first-degree murder in one case and may be facing murder charges in another case.

According to Rolling Stone’s Paul Solotaroff, Hernandez was a heavy angel dust user and so paranoid because of the drug that he began carrying a gun everywhere.

Angel dust is the street name for PCP, which is one of the most dangerous drugs around. It can be smoked, inhaled or ingested, and can completely alter a person’s mentality, making them very aggressive and violent in some cases.

Solotaroff says Hernandez surrounded himself with gangsters and cut himself off from his family and teammates.

Hernandez reportedly infuriated Belichick by missing practices and living the thug life, and was one misstep away from being cut.

Both of Hernandez’s parents had criminal records, as did most of his extended family. Hernandez’s mother cheated on her husband with a violent drug dealer, and then married the drug dealer and moved him into their home after her husband died.

Solotaroff also says Urban Meyer may have helped cover up positive drug tests while Hernandez was in college at the University of Florida. He says Meyer may have helped cover up two violent incidents involving Hernandez, both of which have previously been reported — a 2007 shooting in Gainesville, and a bar fight in which the tight end assaulted a bouncer. We previously wrote that Florida may have paid off the bouncer in that case.

Hernandez fell in the NFL Draft because of concerns over his character and drug use. The Patriots still rewarded the talented tight end with a $40 million contract extension last August that included $12.5 million guaranteed.

Though most of this information is shocking, some of it has been slowly emerging. We shared a recent report that said Hernandez’s mother was part of an illegal gambling operation. There was another story saying that Hernandez’s mother was once stabbed by her second husband.

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