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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Aaron Rodgers says Giants faked ‘phantom’ injuries against Packers

Note to Aaron Rodgers: losing is hard. It’s hard for every player in the NFL an can be particularly difficult for quarterbacks. After following up his Super Bowl-MVP performance with a 15-1 season, Rodgers was understandably disappointed when the Packers were demolished by the Giants at Lambeau Field in the divisional round of the playoffs. In fact, his comments before the Super Bowl on Sunday indicated he had a case of sour grapes. Rodgers told Bob Costas the Patriots should run the no huddle, but claimed New York had an interesting way of stopping it in Green Bay.

“It was a big part of of our game-plan to try to speed the tempo up against them,” Rodgers explained. “Keep them on the field for longer drives. Do everything at the line of scrimmage. To combat that, there was a little bit of gamesmanship on their side. Some phantom injuries you might call them to try to slow us down and give them some time to recover during a couple of those drives. Check it out tonight. If the Patriots get into a rhythm and do a few drives in a row, you might see a little of that gamesmanship from the Giants.”

Rodgers’ comments are mindless in that he stood nothing to gain from them. To most, they would simply make him sound jealous. It is worth noting, however, that New York appeared to fake injuries to slow down the Rams’ hurry-up offense at the beginning of the season. They weren’t the first team to do it and they certainly won’t be the last.

None of that type of “gamesmanship” was evident on Sunday night.  The Giants pass rush got to Tom Brady when it counted and New England’s offense couldn’t overcome their uncharacteristic mistakes. In addition, Eli Manning did what Eli Manning now does.  That is why Brady and Bill Belichick failed once again.

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