Browns Fan Rob Stipe Says He Was Kicked Out of Stadium for Standing

This is kind of a tough one. If nothing else, the story of Cleveland Browns fan Rob Stipe represents an alarming trend across NFL stadiums.  Players and coaches want fans to get off their iPads and make as much noise as possible during games.  Football is the only sport where the noise level of the fans can directly affect the outcome of the game.  If an offense can’t hear the plays that are being called, there is going to be trouble.

Enter Stipe — a rabid Browns fan and member of the infamous “Dawg Pound” bleacher section who was kicked out of Cleveland Browns Stadium on Sunday after he refused to sit down.  That, of course, raises the following question: When does standing become too much standing?

As Sports Grid shared with us, Stipe admits he had been warned that standing during a big third or fourth down play was permissible, but that standing during an entire game and blocking the view of other fans is not.  The Browns’ Fans Code of Conduct does outline the rules about standing, noting that “excessive standing” can hinder the view of those behind you and is not permitted if you are affecting the ability of others to enjoy the game.

Personally, I think this is ridiculous.  The guy has been going to Browns games for 25 years and sits in a section that is known for hardcore fandom and rowdiness.  I suppose security’s hands are tied once another paying customer complains that they cannot enjoy the game, but why go to the game if a guy standing up and cheering for his team in a tight game bothers you?  Chances are no one is going to stand in front of your couch at home while you watch the game.  Maybe an HD TV set would be more convenient on game day for the people who complained.

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  • Gene

    Standing and rooting is usually a good thing, but when you couple it with  outlandish headgear, it could even block the view of people standing behind him.  If he took the lid off, then I would agree with your take, but the combination shows an utter disregard for people behind him.

  • Anonymous

    Steve’s way off the mark — few things are worse at a game than some jackass standing in front of you the whole game and you can’t see the action unless you stand up and then you piss the people off behind you. No one is complaining about people getting up during crucial moments. The only thing worse is if the jackass has a gigantic piece of headgear on too. I paid my hard earned money and I want to see the game, not the back of some fat guy’s jersey for 3 straight hours.

  • Anonymous

    do browns fan even have anything to cheer about? didnt think so

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Maybe they should create a standing and non-standing section. That would solve things.

  • Anonymous

    I stopped going to Cardinals’ game for the same reason. Standing doesn’t create noise; it is rude.

  • Anonymous

    Last time I checked, the guy behind Mr. Stipe paid just as much to SEE THE GAME as Mr. Stipe did.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Jordan/1115466752 Ryan Jordan

    I’m sorry but if you are a sports fan chairs are not needed! Ever been to a Packers game? Seats at Lambeau are for pregame, halftime and visiting team fans (since they usually get their butts whipped). I also do not give a crap about the “beautiful people” crowd that goes to hockey games and have a problem with my cowbells. If ya don’t like the noise stay out of the arena.

  • peaksign

    what?. i paid money to see see see the game not the back of some jerk standing in front of me the whole game. the guy was rude.he was asked to sit down every once in a while, he didn’t .he got what he deserved.

  • Anonymous

    When the Raiders were located in LA & playing at the Memorial Coliseum, I was there every Sunday.
    Once when the Broncos were in town some drunken horsehead who was sitting in front of me kept standing up, every play. I asked him to remain seated. I was polite. He didn’t listen.

    I finally got so sick of it I told him that if he didn’t remain seated I was going to pull his hat over his ears. I guess that made an impression. That and the fact that he was on Raiders home turf. He wandered off. I enjoyed the rest of the game. Raiders won.

  • Anonymous

    I am a season ticket holder for the New Orleans Saints and am at every home game and travel to many away games as well.  If you are a passionate fan there is a reflex that takes over and you just involuntarily pop up periodically throughout the game.  I do it in the dome and I do it in my living room.  I do not agree with standing the whole game just to be standing but cuffing my wrists to the arm rest couldnt keep me in my seat when the excitement amps up.  If you think thats rude, stay home.

  • Gene

    Then they would need to subdivide into a headgear and non-headgear section.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ICIBPQHQWQ7CROEQ3W7P5TDJ5E Robert

    It seems Stipe admits he had been warned that standing during a big third or fourth down play was permissible, but that standing during an entire game and blocking the view of other fans is not.
    Duh!!!! That is not only common courtesy sitution  but a common sense policy that every fan should be aware of ,especially  when they have been warned about this type action. numerous times..I am  personally  glad this rude,self centered  person got the boot,just wish it had been done sooner.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ICIBPQHQWQ7CROEQ3W7P5TDJ5E Robert

    I would expect this type of behavior from the type of uneducated  cheeseheads that go to Lambeau field and show their lack of proper upbringing.

    “visiting team fans usually get their butts whipped” Yet another example of  what eating  to much chees does to ones brain cells. LMAO

  • http://twitter.com/BrownsBusJimbo Jim Becker

    Same thing happened to me at Cleveland Browns Stadium this Friday.  I was ejected for standing during a scoring play in the redzone.  Literally, stood to cheer a touchdown and was ejected.  There is little reason to go anymore if you can’t cheer for your team.  Our whole sectioned booed the 3-4 police offiers that escorted us out.  Not drinking, not being ‘rowdy’, but standing up to cheer.  In the Dawg Pound.