Cam Newton reportedly acted like a ‘total a-hole’ at the Pro Bowl

The average NFL rookie would be in awe of a scene like the Pro Bowl. It may not be one of the most highly-rated television events of the year, but the NFL’s All-Star game still brings together the most talented football players in the world and a number of future Hall of Famers.

Last year, Cam Newton was selected to the 2012 NFC Pro Bowl roster after an outstanding rookie season. According to a report from Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com, he walked into Honolulu like he owned the place. And not in a good way.

According to several players in the game, some from both teams, Newton’s standoffish, diva ways made him enemy No. 1 in the eyes of some of the players.

“He was a total —-hole,” one AFC player said. “Who did he think he was? He acted like the big sh–. Here he was at his first game and he acted like he was the star. Guys didn’t like that.”

Another player said a player asked Newton for his autograph — presumably to give to the player’s child — and Newton “big-timed” him by telling him “now’s not the time.” The same player also said he was also disrespectful to 13-time Pro Bowler Ray Lewis.

“That’s the godfather there,” one player said. “Can you believe he did that?”

When asked about the alleged exchange through the Ravens PR department, Lewis denied that Newton dissed him. However, several other players confirmed that it happened. As Prisco pointed out, that would help explain why several AFC defensive players cranked up the intensity when Newton came into the game and seemed to hit him harder than the other quarterbacks. That was not the case when rookie Andy Dalton took snaps for the AFC.

“Cam’s in his own world,” one of Newton’s NFC teammates said. “He’s a young guy and learning, but he better change. They started rushing him. We were like, ‘what are they doing? This is the Pro Bowl.’ They didn’t attempt that with the other guys. They went after him. He better learn soon. You don’t want to go out there and get hurt at the Pro Bowl.”

The report should shock no one when you take into account stories like this and this, but it certainly sheds some light onto what type of person Newton is if true. The Pro Bowl is generally a time for camaraderie and respect among the game’s best — not an opportunity for rookies to act like hot shots.

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  • Maineac02

    And you’re writing this article a year after the fact? C’mon man!!!!!

  • Samuel Jennings

    Bull sh*t so we r to take this as fact any one can see u do not like this kid at all so u make up some crap with all these players who have no names only Ray Lewis and he denied it ever happening so u make up articles about players u don’t like so whats next is it Tebow is Gay or RG3 isn’t smart enough to play QB or maybe that Luck is a Racist or some made up Sh*T  like that!!!!!!!

  • Noob Alurt

    Welcome to the Fox News of the Sporting World!  

  • Chase Walsh

    The Pro Bowl was the beginning of Newton’s decline.

  • trudevil

    Cam Newton is the most talented player to ever play QB in the NFL. No other QB has ever possessed such a combination of size, speed, agility and arm strength.  He is a freak.  He has the ability to take carry a whole team. It remains to be seen if he uses that talent to become one of the great QBs. He is ONLY 23 years old.  He will mature.  His off the field behavior will improve. 


     LOL,what,reporting the truth,as always instead of lying and withholding news from the public like the other news channels do?


     wow,are you describing Superman or Newton?I guess this year must be the Sophomore Slump as he isn’t nearly as good as many other QB’s this year.

  • Bigliardi

    Cam Newton was, is, and always will be, simply a hot dog…He is probably the most talented yet immature quarterback I have ever seen…He is destined for mediocrity….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4F7SE6TUUFBR4XEZGOU2Y7HUWU Will

    YOU are INSANE!!  MOST talented ????  BWAHAHAHahahahaha…….what a joke.

  • celtics

    Cam Newton is a phony. We have to be careful when talking about him because he is black.  If not, you will be labeled a racist. He stole a laptop at Florida and cheated on exams. He is  a loser!!!!!!!!!

  • Realthing8

    Wow. A year late on reporting. One named source when contacted, Ray Lewis said it did not happen. I will look to other places from now own for NEWS. I don’t want gossup. This makes me wonder if there is not any sports news to report? Regardless of how you feel about Newton or Lewis, what ever happened to real reporting with FACTS and the reader makes up their own mind?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_665SXQ2LAARLPRNLZC6KPADGFI John

    The guy is a head case.  Dumb as a door-nob!  A lot of talent but noting up-stairs.

  • blankczech

    Lazy reporting.  This same article was penned by another writer yesterday on NFL’s website.  Any gossip or rumors which may grab the attention of readers and commentators is put out there whether it’s true or not. These sports websites will do anything to sell advertising space and in order to do that they have to show advertisers that people are visiting / reading their webpage.  Even if this old story (from a year ago) is true, what intelligent sportsfan cares if a professional athlete is arrogant or egocentric?  Athlete’s have to be brimming with self confidence in order to perform at a high level on the field.  Remember when Eli Manning declared to the world that he was an elite quarterback.

  • CD Mitchell

    Your joking right? Most taleted QB ever! tell that to TBrady, PManning, this kid has won nothing, and I honstly don’t see him ever winning a SB, RGIII will get one before before Cam, just mark my words, he’ll fall out of favor with Panthers ownership in 3 yrs WATCH!!

  • trudevil

    You obviously can’t read. I never said he is playing on the same level as Brady or Peyton Manning. I said he possesses more talent. Whether or not he becomes a great QB depends on how he uses that talent AND whether or not the Panthers can find him an offensive line. Put Brady any other QB on the Panthers and they would be running for their lives.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/L7NAXZBOZXMB7P622SKVKHPJTA James

    It’s taken a year to get this story out…C’mon Man!!!!

  • trudevil

    I am describing a young man who has immense talent. He has a set of tools that no other QB has. He has regressed some this year, but so has the Panthers. He has no offensive line and no running game. For God’s sake he is only 23 years old.
    Look how long it took Eli Manning to develop. Until he got a ring the NY fan base was ready to run him out of town.

  • celtics

    you are wrong…if brady or manning were on the panthers, they would be a playoff team…

  • covah12

    Very talented but very cocky. Who takes #1 for your number? I seen him down by 20 something points in a game, scored a TD in final minute and celebrated his superman act. Steve Smith got  him on the sideline and gave him a piece of his mind. He should have never been allowed to play at Auburn after his dad shopped him around to the highest bidder and NCAA said he did not know what his father was doing. What a white wash job. RG3, Andrew Luck & Russell Wilson are class acts as rookies. Cam needs to go to the Manning Passing Academy to learn to be a team player & respect the veterans. Ray Lewis is a class act but he is probably saying it didn’t happen to help him.

  • covah12

    He is on the road of Vince Young.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DMXWT5GXXMSUA4IJOLHSMWYZI4 Eric

    He took #1 because Jimmy Clausen had #2. I’m sure he’ll sleep better at night 20 years down the road knowing you would have thought more highly of him if he’d have simply pointed to the right, and took #3. You should know he was #2 at Auburn since you know so much about things you assume happened there. As a matter of fact, just about everything you’ve said here would fit right into this article. While we’re at it, lets bitch about Kobe one upping Jordan and taking #24, like it means anything.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DMXWT5GXXMSUA4IJOLHSMWYZI4 Eric

    If by road of Vince Young you mean at least another Pro Bowl selection, I’ll take it. And that was in year 4.. I have an excellent idea for a reality TV show … Professional atheltes judge the lives of ordinary people. And news outlets report on it on a 24 hour basis. Now THAT, would be real entertainment.

  • mrbullish

    newton is the biggest c—sucker to walk on a football feild

  • mrbullish

    his daddy shoule have rolled over and shot him out the window

  • mrbullish


  • Gregory Howard

    It took Bardy and peyton time to develope and theu don’t have half the talent that CAm does.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.mack.1253 Bill Mack

     After Auburn won the national title, Cam sulked.  WHY .. because Can had an average game and was not the MVP.  Cam colors always show up when he is not the hero.  Can has never been, and will never be a team player.

  • playafromhimalaya

     He is almost exactly like Daunte Culpepper. So he isn’t exactly something we have never seen before. I agree he has one of the  highest ceilings as far as potential of anyone i have ever seen. But remember he has never played in any place other than Carolina for more than 1 season. Once teams have some solid film on him whether or not he can make adjustments to teams that can scheme to stop him is his true test of how good he is. Not to mention at QB possibly more than any other position if you aren’t elite between the ears you aren’t worth a damn. No matter how strong your arm is (JaMarcus Russel), nor how fast you are ( Mike Vick) or how good your team is around you (Alex Smith). Not to take a cheap shot but you shouldn’t defend him to having no offensive line and no running game when in your previous statement you said he can carry a whole team by himself.

  • elmersimendinger

    one word to best descibe Cam…PUNK