Colin Kaepernick’s birth mother Heidi Russo would like to reconnect with him

Rick and Teresa Kaepernick have clearly done a tremendous job raising their son, Colin Kaepernick, and giving him the tools he needed in life to become a successful young adult. Colin is the starting quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers and has a degree in business management from the University of Nevada, so it’s safe to say he’s doing just fine. What you may not know is that Rick and Teresa are not his biological parents.

Kaepernick’s biological mother, Heidi Russo, gave him up for adoption after personally choosing Rick and Teresa when she gave birth to him at age 19. Russo has watched some of Colin’s games and followed his career closely, and she continues to hold out hope that she may one day reconnect with her son. She saw him play in person for the first time in 2010 when Nevada traveled to Colorado State. Russo described what it is like to watch Kaepernick from the stands.

“Then the other half of me calms me down and I just sit there and cheer like the rest of the people,” the 44-year-old Russo told Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports. “I kept looking at him, thinking our eyes might meet. He might finally see me. I kept thinking it happened, but he never came to see me after the game.”

Russo’s Twitter account says she has “a very special place in my heart for Colin Kaepernick.” She said Kaepernick has exchanged a few messages with her over the years but that most of her tweets go unreturned. She first contacted him years ago via MySpace, and Colin responded after six weeks with questions about his birth father. Russo attempted to contact Kaerpernick’s biological father but her calls weren’t returned.

While she repeatedly praised the Kaepernicks for being wonderful people and treating her like “old friends,” Russo admits there were many times she thought about trying to get her son back.

“But that wasn’t about doing what was best for him, it was about healing the wound I had,” she explained. “That wouldn’t have been the right thing for him.”

Heidi, who is now a registered nurse living in Denver, is 6-feet-tall and played volleyball, basketball and ran track in high school — in case you were curious where Kaepernick may have gotten his athletic ability from. While it’s understandable that she would have some regret and hope to be able to establish a relationship with her son, it’s obvious Russo made the right choice in selecting Rick and Teresa Kaepernick to raise Colin. Despite what this moron may believe, Kaepernick seems to be a stand-up person who has made the most of life.

Photo via Heido Russo’s Twitter account

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  • http://www.facebook.com/gloriaann.jenkins Gloria Ann Jenkins

    If Ms.Russo, cares so deeply for her biological son; his well being, and wishes, why is she talking to the press, about what should be kept a private matter, between her, and her biological son. (after all when you give a child up for adoption, you have surrendered all legal rights.) If Colin, has stated, that he doens’t want to re-connect with his biological mother,(for whaterver reason) she should respect his wishes, and stop trying to insert herself into his life.(especially in such a public manner.) While, I am an advocate of adoption, and respect that the majority of these women, made the decision to place their child up for adoption, because, it was what was best for the child. As I am sure most biological mother’s/parents, hope that one day they will be able to re-connect with the child they placed for adoption; it is not always what the adoptive child wants…..its not about “Your” feelings, Ms. Russo, its about Colins.

  • toplesscorvette

    Good job Gloria!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QXUDOVS36SSP76TE2Z2MEQRCXQ Tim

    I agree with you Gloria. After reading the article, it seems to me Ms. Russo is playing “attention getter.” She waited until he played against Colorado to see him play for the first time.  He didn’t want to see her then, and she should have left it alone. Now, he is a starting quarterback in the NFL, and she tells the media her story. To me, that just screams-“Pay attention to me.”  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PVFFXHOBN7SR2MEYJV657OKYXE Charlayne

     Ok, birth mother here. I had my son when I was 19, 1977. I never saw him after I counted toes and heard his hic-cups that day. But I had to do it, his father was someone I had not gotten married to, he had gotten married to someone else after finding out about me being pregnant. I had no job, and no real life. His adoptive parents could give him everything I could not and that is why I did it. Heck, my own father won’t speck to me, even now, 35 years later, because I didn’t get the abortion he wanted me to (ruined *his* good name for me to be pregnant, he said). I couldn’t do it. In Texas you could not open an adoption file. So, I wrote him a letter and insisted it be put on the outside. I kept up my address over the years and when I married (and then remarried), I changed the information to update it. In 1993, I got remarried (to my soulmate) and updated the information. Four months later I got an envelope full of pictures that chronicled his life, young pictures, on a horse, playing football, and other things. His graduation picture. I cried. He looks just like my father (laughs…talk about irony). The day after he turned 18, he wanted to meet me and we had to go through Psychological counseling to make sure we were ok. We both convinced them in about 15 minutes, 400 miles apart. He flew down and I knew him even without the pictures. He now lives a block from me, I have a lovely daughter-in-law and three lovely grandchildren, is a firefighter, and one wonderful man. When he married, I stayed away because it is his MOTHER’S honor to be there. When my grandchildren were born, I stayed so she could have that honor. We’ve met and I let her know, she is the mother, I’m 2nd mom and there only to love him.

    The birth mom in this case has had a microphone stuck into her face and it’s almost impossible to say “no comment” when they will make up whatever they want if you don’t give them what is true. And telling her to stay away when all she is doing is watching is cruel. She’s not stalking him, he knows she’s there. He’s not told her to “go away”, and quite frankly, the PUBLIC needs to leave both the mom and the son and also the parents alone and let THEM work it out, stop telling them what to do. If they want to all sit in the stands and cheer, give interviews, and such, its NONE OF OUR BUSINESS… Eh Gloria?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R7LITL2XZQKH5SISZCSPL7457M Jethro

    It should remain a private matter because it is between mother and son and not the public. They can work it out or leave things like they are.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003502270864 Frank James

    Agreed Charalyne.

  • Mugwomp

     Holy comma-fest, Batman!

  • stpvnl

    What business is it of YOURS if a mother wants to reconnect with HER son? Have you ever lost a child to adoption.  You are a nasty piece of work and have not compassion for this woman who lost while others gained. If not for HER there would be no HIM.  Why don’t you UNINSERT yourself from a mother and her son’s life and relationship. 

  • Christina Allen

    I think Ms. Russo took down her Twitter account or made it private.  The link to it says no such account exists.  Or maybe she changed her Twitter name.  I won’t speculate on her reasons for contacting him, but if he doesn’t want to be in contact with her right now, she needs to back off.  I imagine he’s creeped out or at least annoyed by seeing all her messages on his Twitter account.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004887363424 Joann Lafferty

    Would it kill him to meet her?  Is he afraid he’ll feel a connection?  (yes, I am a birth mother, and when I met my daughter there was a very unexpected connection.)  

    And what’s with his parents – hugging her when they met, and sending pictures and letters for awhile, and then stopping?  As if they thought she’d lost interest.  When will adoptive parents feel secure enough to allow birth parents in their child’s life?

  • PHX2013

    His adoptive parents are the typical possessive adoptive parents who think they are they ONLY parents. Why do I think this? His adoptive mother’s Twitter handle is THE REAL MAMA KAPE… or something to that effect.  An adoptive mother with compassion and empathy for the mother who lost while she gained would NOT do that. That is the work of an entitled adoptive parent right there. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/CanadianCutieInAlberta Kerry Kistler

    I am adopted child myself Gloria…well said !

  • http://www.facebook.com/mack.w.jackson Mack W Jackson

    If birth mother’s can’t give up the child permanently don’t give them away. While inheritance is important, at 18 it became his deccision whether to re-connect with her. Anything he is today is because of his adoptive parents and the people involved in his life after birth.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4SXETWI5HQOTBDAIIB7PLZ7QQU Natalie

    CK is now an adult.  He chooses not to reconnect with his bio-mother not necessarily meaning that he hates her.  Until he gets some answers to the bigger picture of why he was given up, he’s keeping his distance & would probably like to leave it at that.  He seems very happy where he is now.  Knowing that he is a very busy man, he doesn’t want any mental distractions & just wants to focus on winning the superbowl game.  Russo…really should’ve kept this private instead of announcing it for media attention.  Isn’t it a coincidence that she just happens to expose the news NOW??  During upcoming superbowl XLVII???….hmmmm.

  • Syed T Mostafa Monnan

    Now that Colin is on the road to make multi millions (via endorsements etc…)because of his great talents…russo just wants a piece of that fortune…how come she never tried to contact him while he was in grade school, junior high or even high school.
    now that he’s a big name in the game, she wants in…its all about his fame&fortune

  • http://twitter.com/sking20854 Natasha King

     That is not what happened.  Heidi Russo requested that they stop sending her pictures and updates because it was too hard for her.  And they have met with her twice since she tried to reconnect with Colin and have repeatedly told Colin that it was his decision and they would not be hurt if he met her.

    The adoptive parents in this case have done nothing to prevent Heidi from knowing things about Colin.  However, Colin is an adult now and he gets to make the decision and he doesn’t want to meet her.  Heidi needs to respect that and give him his space.

  • marta garcia

    What ever the reason, his real mother should be thankful and respectful period!

  • PHX2013

    thankful and respectful? Everyone deserves that, including her! Without her there is no him, so I think she deserves little consideration as well, instead of her being expect to ass kiss all of them… I sure wouldn’t.