Deion Sanders has harsh criticism for Peyton Manning: ‘This was horrible’

Peyton Manning head

Peyton Manning’s legacy was one of the biggest storylines for Super Bowl XLVIII. With a win in the game, he’d have two rings to go along with his record five regular-season MVPs and countless other passing records. There really wouldn’t be much of a knock against him if he won the second ring. But Manning lost, is now 1-2 in Super Bowls, and continues to be viewed by detractors as a player who doesn’t play well in big games. Some say Manning’s legacy should be unaffected by his performance, while others say his performance — and the manner in which his team lost — keeps him from being the best of all time.

One person who firmly believes Manning’s legacy is negatively affected by the Super Bowl is Deion Sanders. The NFL Network analyst says Manning did not live up to his standard.

“Unfortunately, a few of us guys sitting up here have gold jackets, and we hold people to a criteria unlike others,” Sanders said, speaking on behalf of himself, Marshall Faulk and Michael Irvin.

“This is not good. What we saw tonight is not good. I can’t even tell you one thing that I saw that I can take home and say ‘man, that was alright.’ This was horrible. And it started from the first snap.”

Rich Eisen suggested that most quarterbacks would have struggled against Seattle’s defense, but Deion disagreed. He feels like Peyton should be criticized for the loss the same way he’s praised for wins.

“This is the problem. We praise Peyton — we should — for calling everything, taking his team to depths, broke every record known to man — then we give him all the credit. So now when they lose, it’s not his fault. Whose fault is it? It’s a team, right? But is it the team’s fault when you win? No, Peyton’s calling everything at the line.”

Sanders didn’t exactly explain himself in the most eloquent way, but he’s right.

Manning is one of the best quarterbacks of all time. It’s impossible to dispute that. But for as great as he’s been in the regular season, there has always been a consistent pattern of disappointing performances in the postseason. That is every bit a part of his legacy as his regular season dominance.

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  • Dan Reese

    Mike Irving, com on mannnn!!!
    Wtf is that the same reason the jets benched Sanchez ?
    I think the browns benched weeden and started jason Campbell cuz weeden is white. Lol it’s a what have you done for me lately world mike! Stop pounding 40’s of old English before you gon on the air

  • Sicko

    Wasn’t “HARSH” at all, it was the TRUTH! He is the only one in the media to call out QB’s while others are told to suck up to the QB as much as possible and make them look like the good guys…ESPECIALLY Brady, Manning and the others who they “PREFER” to be the face of the NFL

  • whocares85

    Deion Sanders you just don’t know what you are talking about. You do not know anything about what Payton Manning may have had on his plate before and during that game, granted that he should have had his mind, soul & body on nothing but the game and his responsibility to it , teammates, Coaches as well as the owners of the team. He could have had many distractions hindering him from playing his best but he never complained, just went into the next series and put the last one behind him, no one probably will never know how much he was affected by the results of that game. A game is not won by just 1 person but by the entire team. Funny you did not say anything about some of the Seahawks acts of things unbeholding to their conduct.
    Please try to not criticize any one player for something beholding to the whole team but maybe it was not intended that way, I hope not!!

  • Jackie

    There is no I in team and PEYTON never takes the credit by himself. He alwayscredits his team. It was a team loss. The first snap was above his head. The offensive line did not show up. Peyton threw interceptions that he should not have and the recivers missed passes and not to mention the defence did not even show up until late in the game. The whole Broncos team is to blame for this lost. If they had won the whole team would have basked in the glory. The Seahawks came to play. The whole team not just one player and congratulations to them. They played a wonderful game and noone can take tnat from them. Give credit where credit is due. Peyton and the Broncos just got out played by the Seahawks. If you knew who was going to win why play the game. That is what makes football interesting. Any given team can beat any other given team on any given day.

  • ldazzle

    Neon Deion outa keep his alligator mouth shut. Get tired of him and several others. Go back to the hood and rap your crap.

  • shotgun517

    This is one of the few times I’ve ever agreed with Deion he {Manning} gets all the credit when they win as if he’s the only one making plays, so now take the blame when they lose!

  • Jayme Cantin

    it’s spelled Peyton!!! if you want to speak about a player especially one that’s a household name at least spell the guy’s name right!!!

  • http://packer-madness.com/ Packer-Madness

    For real, Manning doesn’t play the game to be the greatest of all time. He plays the game because he loves to play the game. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of him. He said he will retire when the preparation isn’t fun anymore. The media will ultimately take the fun from it.

  • Tommy_Fitz

    Unfortunately the crowd noise was so intense that Peyton couldn’t audible as much as he would have liked. This will usually put the defense on their heels before the ball is snapped. Not to say that this would have changed the outcome but it would have made the game a little more interesting because this is what makes Peyton so effective at the QB position………..

  • Anthony Arcidy

    Thank you Deion finally finally someone says it like it is I’m sick of all these people who love to circle the wagon with this guy no matter what he does they will say it’s his fault and make excuses when he wins it’s all about manning when he looses it’s the teams that looses get real he sucked and if you don’t think this game hurt his legacy your out of your damn mind what if that was Brady something tells me fans would not be making up excuses for him or any other qb but because it’s the great one they do he’s a choke artist deal with it and quit making excuses for him it’s embarrassing

  • Anthony Arcidy

    Example of how fans love to circle the band wagon bet if Brady played like that you would not be saying this and probably say he sucked and choked

  • Anthony Arcidy

    So the crowd noise was to much for Peyton that’s a really bad excuse out of all the excuse I’ve heard people have made for him this is the worse what they never played in a loud stadium before

  • whocares85

    Ok; Jayme, So I spelled it wrong !!! It was good that I even spelled it anyway at all partially right since I am 87 years young and had just been eating a bunch of jalapeno poopers and was so disgusted at how the game had turned out, anyway I have a grandson named and spelled PAYTON so it comes pretty natural for me to spell it that way. I forgive you Jayme for criticizing how I spelled PEYTON’S name. Thank you for replying to my post.

  • whocares85

    Probably so, but I hardly ever say those sort of things unless one person does something drastic, but that does not usually happen so I usually blame a loss on the entire team. Anyway the Super Bowl for last years series is over so wouldn’t it be good if the same two teams could play the Super Bowl game again next year. Exciting to anticipate!!!…