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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Girls of Twitter think Aaron Hernandez is hot and sexy despite murder charges

Aaron HernandezThe priorities of some American females were seriously in question on Wednesday. Even though Aaron Hernandez was charged with first-degree murder, there were still plenty of women/girls out there raving about his looks. They were calling him “hot,” “sexy,” and “fine,” and one even said the murder charge made the football player even sexier. Someone get that woman some help.

Anyhow, to break down this series of disturbing tweets, we have grouped them into different categories.

    – Hernandez is too hot to be guilty of murder or in jail
    – Girls unapologetic about pointing out Hernandez’s hotness
    – Willing to overlook his crimes and procreate with him because he is so hot
    – Concerned Hernandez’s good looks could put him at risk in jail
    – Think the murder makes him even hotter

All the women who think Hernandez is too hot to be guilty or in jail:

More concerned about Hernandez’s looks than the charges he faces:

Willing to overlook any crimes Hernandez may have committed:

Worried that being sexy could backfire in jail:

Murder makes him even sexier:

Well, I suppose there is some positive in all of this for Hernandez. If he somehow is cleared of the charges or makes it out of prison, there will be plenty of women ready to jump his bones.

H/T Holden Kushner, Neil Hamburger

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