Joe Namath had 300 sexual partners at Alabama, was nicknamed n—er

Joe Namath

Joe Namath was known for being a ladies’ man throughout his playing career, but he had nothing on Wilt Chamberlain when it comes to scoring.

Deadspin dug up an old interview Broadway Joe did with Playboy in Dec. 1969, and it is fantastic. The interview delves into the workings of Namath’s New York nightclub Bachelor III and its potential mafia ties, Namath’s days in college, his time in the pros, and sex. There’s a lot of talk about sex.

Reading through the interview, Namath’s classic confidence shines through, as does his knowledge of football. You can really understand what made him so successful as a quarterback.

There are a ton of great nuggets in the interview that would make for great blog posts. For instance, Namath was a great baseball player and said he wanted to turn pro and “take the money and run,” but his family wanted him to go to college instead. He says he didn’t consider Notre Dame for college because they didn’t have any girls on campus. He ended up at Alabama because he didn’t qualify academically for Maryland, so former Terps coach Tom Nugent passed him along to Bear Bryant. If you have time, you should really read the whole thing.

But let’s get into the really juicy stuff.

Namath famously loved women. He was Broadway Joe. He says he was with women the night before the AFL championship game and the Super Bowl, and that he usually was with women the night before games. The interviewer also asked how many sexual conquests he’d had, and he estimated the number at 300 by the time he finished college. Broadway Joe said when he was bored in class, he would make a list of all the women he’d been with, and the number was beyond 300. Namath even provided sex tips, saying he just worried about getting off when he was younger, but as he got older, he became concerned with making sure his partner was satisfied, too.

Another interesting tidbit revealed in the interview is that Namath’s nickname at Alabama was n—er.

Namath came from Pennsylvania and attended college at Alabama when segregation was still in place, so he had a much different viewpoint about race than most of his teammates and classmates. Namath says he got the nickname because of a miscommunication. He says he was sitting in his dorm room and someone grabbed a picture of his high school’s football queen. Namath’s girlfriend won football queen, and the crown bearer was a black girl. The person grabbed the picture and asked if the girl was Namath’s, and he said yes thinking the person was pointing to his girlfriend. But the person was pointing to the crown bearer, and went around telling everyone Namath dated a black girl. That’s how he got his nickname.

“I had a lot of bad times in the beginning, but it all changed. They got to respect the way I felt and I think I might even have turned some of them around on a few things. In my senior year, they voted me captain of the team; and when I think about it—about me mixed in with a bunch of guys from Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida—I consider it a very high honor,” Namath said.

So how about that? Namath was progressive and may have helped teach his teammates a little something about equality. Major respect to him for that.

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  • dflynn1162

    Rejected by MD? Hell, even I got into MD!

  • Woogy Lewis

    A great story of conquering adversity while having women say ‘n–er please’ to him.


    Dude sure loved his poon…

  • Suzianne

    geez if everyone would realize that tv, internet, sports, hollywood, commercials, being popular or even liked WILL NEVER MAKE YOU HAPPY OR SUCCESSFUL then we can move on through this life being the very INDIVIDUAL we were each made to be. But of course, if we attend any college to learn we are subjected to the crap: we are not rugged individuals, we must become once again enslaved europeans, America is not beautiful according to every stooge faculty of every community college or university in the USA and we must believe that Americans from the get go are a bunch of racist/illiterate/lazy/intolerant/ knuckle crawlers………YOU KNOW WHAT AMERICANS ARE THE MOST GENEROUS BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH AND THOSE THAT COME LEGALLY EMBRACE THE CULTURE OF AMERICA!!! WE DO NOT HAVE TO CONFORM TO THE SOCIALISTIC WAY…..that is exactly what every coming to AMERICA is trying to escape……..OK NO MORE….THE COLLEGes will quit or be expelled for teaching NAZI ways…….environmentalists will no longer have their way of taxing every individual and business……we are so DONE WITH THAT LYING LEGISLATION>>>>ok lets do this AMERICA

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    What nonsense Only in America can an immoral ass become a celebrity.

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    Don’t chug the Haterade, bro.