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Friday, May 25, 2018

Lawrence Taylor: Dancing Is More Time Consuming than Football

Lawrence Taylor did an interview with Sporting News’ Steve Greenberg that appears in this week’s issue. I’m guessing LT agreed to it so he could promote his appearance on Dancing with the Stars and his endorsement of the weight-loss program, Nutrisystem. There wasn’t a whole lot of meat there and LT was pretty disappointing overall. There was a considerable amount of cussing which is always fun. About the only thing good from the excerpt posted online was Taylor’s comment comparing dancing to football:

“It’s more time-consuming, especially the mental work. It’s a lot like going through the playbook. You expect to read it and know it by Sunday. That’s the correlation I see and the biggest challenge.”

Now I’ve heard nothing but how time-consuming football is. Coaches spend countless hours preparing each week and players do nothing but practice, lift, study, attend meetings, and watch film. Everything we’re told about how hard they work makes me wonder how they have time to get into as much trouble as they do. What I gather from this comment is that football came so easy for LT that he didn’t have to prepare as much. I can’t imagine how dancing could ever be more time-consuming, even if it does take 8-10 hours of practice each day as Karina Smirnoff told me. I guess LT was just that good at football. His other interesting comment was that the game has become more of an individual sport than a team one. Funny, I always considered it the most team-oriented game of all. Perhaps he’s referring to the coverage of the sport — that would make sense.

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