Not All Peaches with Peyton Manning

I’m not exactly sure what it is that makes this video so fascinating. Maybe it’s because Peyton is the epitome of the All-American dork — the comb over hair, the perfectly manicured suit, the Southern drawl — he just comes across as such a harmless being. But if his random appearance at a Sweet 16 party didn’t already tell you there’s more than meets the eye, maybe this video of Peyton going bezerko on his offensive line will:

A few observations here: I think I enjoy this for the same reason I’m fascinated by watching Tiger Woods come out of portapotty. It’s hard to believe these guys are human. Secondly, this pretty much confirms to me that you can catch any player in the league arguing during a game. It only appears as if T.O., Chad Johnson, and Randy Moss are the only guys bitching out there because the cameras choose to follow them. Additionally, check out FanHouse’s post on the video to read the entire transcription of the argument.

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  • NDN

    You are an idiot if this video is what convinced you that T.O Randy Moss and Chad Johnson are the ONLY players in the NFL who argue, that idiotic statement alone confirms your bias and lack of common sense…football is a passionate game played by passionate people….open your mind and realize that you and the media have a bias against “certain” people…

  • Jeff

    Hey NDN, why don’t you read what Larry wrote again. He said it “only appears” those guys are the only ones bitching because the cameras choose to follow them. You comment shows your lack of education to read an article accurately. Maybe the media isn’t so biased, but in fact its people like you who are biased to only pick and choose which words from an article you choose to read.

  • Ronald

    I’ve always wondered why QBs yell at their lineman. All it takes is one missed block and they’re knocked out of the game. Those are the guys I’d really want in my corner if I were a QB.