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Friday, April 20, 2018

Randy Moss reportedly ‘lit it up’ during Saints workout

Here’s a developing story that should surprise absolutely no one: Randy Moss can still bring it. Moss is 35 years old and a year removed from football, but you would be hard-pressed to find any legitimate evidence that his skills have diminished. Attitude issues have plagued Randy throughout his entire career, but when he wants to compete he can be almost impossible to stop. Moss worked out for the Saints on Tuesday, and according to Jay Glazer of FoxSports.com he does not appear to have lost a step.

“Multiple sources told me he looked phenomenal in his route-running,” Glazer said. “One source told me he looked like the ‘old Randy Moss.’ He meant that in a good way — the Randy Moss who busted his butt out there and looked phenomenal, not the Randy Moss with minor controversy in a few of his years. … The New Orleans Saints were absolutely floored at how good Randy Moss looked.”

An NFL source also told Pro Football Talk that the workout “couldn’t have gone better,” and that Moss looked sharp and showed great football intelligence.

Again, nobody is shocked. Moss forced his way out of New England when the Patriots’ offense started to evolve and get away from its 2007 form. We all know how well things turned out for him in Minnesota and Tennessee after that. After he left New England, it appeared Randy realized he made a mistake. Now, he’s sure to want to play for a clear-cut Super Bowl contender.

The Saints fit that description, and they showed interest in Moss at the start of the season last year. The question is will he be the Moss that is arguably the most talented receiver to play the game, or the Moss that Cris Carter describes as a quitter? Tuesday’s reports will certainly up the amount of teams interested in bringing Randy in for a workout, but they don’t answer the questions about his character. From a physical standpoint, Randy Moss and “lighting it up” have gone together quite frequently over the past 13 years. Why should 2012 be any different?

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