Rashard Mendenhall Sues Champion After Being Dropped Over 9/11 Tweets

Rashard Mendenhall is suing sports apparel company Champion after they dropped him as an endorser following his controversial 9/11 tweets. You may recall that in May that Mendenhall expressed his doubt that the airplanes could take out the twin towers in New York city. Mendenhall tried to “clarify” his thoughts a day later, but his “clarification” left out the most ignorant aspect of his tweets. Two days later, Champion dropped him.

Now, CNBC reports that Mendenhall is suing Champion for terminating his deal. “This case involves the core question of whether an athlete employed as a celebrity endorser loses the right to express opinions simply because the company whose products he endorses might disagree with some (but not all) of those opinions,” the suit reportedly says.

According to CNBC:

The company can terminate him if he “commits or is arrested for any crime or becomes involved in any situation or occurrence tending to bring Mendenhall into public disrepute, contempt, scandal or ridicule, or tending to shock, insult or offend the majority of the consuming public.”

Hopefully Mendenhall doesn’t get anything from this suit. Champion is paying him to endorse their product, and he offended the majority of the consuming public with his comments, so there appears to be ground to dismiss him. If he were so concerned with keeping his sponsors happy and not rocking the boat, he would have kept his mouth shut.

Honestly though, sometimes it’s more important to have people unafraid to speak up than it is to have people who will keep quiet for money. Michael Jordan infamously refused to comment on political issues because “Republicans buy sneakers too,” and he lost an opportunity to be a difference-making voice. In Mendenhall’s case however, it’s probably best for him if he doesn’t let everyone know how ignorant his viewpoints are.

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  • Anonymous

    So apparently, according to you, it’s “ignorant” to question the government’s official story of the attacks? It certainly wasn’t a plane that took down a third World Trade Center building, WTC 7, on the same day. Plus there’s been numerous accounts by people who were inside the Twin Towers on that day who heard noises that sounded like explosions BEFORE the planes hit, as well as a lot of other evidence out there that exists (check out websites like rememberbuilding7.org and ae911truth.org for examples) that suggests not only that the towers might not have collapsed solely from the planes hitting them, but also that our government may have had advance knowledge that the events of 9/11 were going to occur. Why don’t you actually research both sides of an issue before you call someone elses viewpoint on the subject “ignorant”? Not doing that makes you much more ignorant on the subject than Mendenhall is. I’m glad there are athletes out there that are willing to stand up and question things instead of just shutting up and being content with the millions of dollars they make. We need more people that are willing to do that in this country.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DQ4UVIPGSYA4JDKQLG7BSYGGSU Suzanne Page

    Mendenhall – Go live with the rest of the parasites like yourself!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Valverde/618163279 Christopher Valverde

    Yes a truther is ignorant, end of story.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mayan-Scholar/100001756870156 Mayan Scholar

    Voice, you took my comment right out of my head after reading this story (researching an issue from all sides before claiming someone is “ignorant”).  Pathetic, controlled society folk like Ms. Page will believe anything their government and media tell them. How the fuk is this guy a “parasite” for exercising his 1st amendment right and using LOGIC in his thinking and feelings?   People have yielded their common sense, honor, dignity, sense of reality and truth in turn for comfort, convenience, dependence and . I’m sure if he went further and questioned the motives of why we went to Iraq with deliberate misinformation about 9/11 and WMD’s then he would be labeled “unpatriotic” and “unsupportive of the troops”, two very popular soundbites fed from your govt through your corporate controlled media.   The question begs “who determines which majority of the public is offended?  Do they poll people to determine this and use this poll to exercise this part of the contract clause?  Obviously RM is taking a hit in the pocket but at least he has principles in his thinking and he is standing by them, more then I can say for the “majority” of people who want him to suppress logic and his free speech because they have differing views, including the author of this article.  Biased journalism much?

  • Anonymous

    Rashard is entitled to his asinine views just as Champion is entitled to drop him and his asinine views. Freedom works both ways.

  • Anonymous

    Rashard is entitled to his asinine views just as Champion is entitled to drop him and his asinine views. Freedom works both ways.

  • Anonymous

    You are ignorant. end of story.  Would you be okay if people in the US celebrates the George W. Bush his death because of his roll in 911-meaning he had information that something was in the works and did nothing about.  Mendenhall was right and people should stop buying Champion gear.