Titus Young doesn’t want to play anymore if he’s not going to get the ball

Titus-Young-LionsRemember when you were playing touch football in the street when you were younger and there was always that kid who would stamp his feet and go home if you wouldn’t let him touch the ball enough? Titus Young is that kid.

No, seriously. On Tuesday afternoon, Young took to his Twitter account to vent about some of his frustrations after an incredibly turbulent season with the Detroit Lions. Simply put, the wide receiver said he isn’t going to play anymore if he doesn’t start seeing more balls.

Remember, the Young who is claiming to never have been selfish is the same guy who was sent home and benched for the Thanksgiving day game for, well, being selfish. He wasn’t done there.

Apparently the stories about Young intentionally running the wrong route to sabotage the Lions’ offense are untrue. Despite the fact that the Lions have had to discipline him for head-butting an opponent and punching his own teammate, Jim Schwartz recently said there is still a possibility he could return to the team next season. If Young does come back, Detroit better find a way to get him the ball. Otherwise, he’s getting on his scooter and going home.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3MOBLUJ7Y7BZVYY3FBBL6SC7TY Tron Rodriguez

    lol never done anything selfish and never ran the wrong route…..right, Titus. You’re just a perfect WR who ALWAYS puts the teams needs ahead of your own, and have never said anything selfish like “give me the ball or i quit”. Never ran the wrong route, you go where the ball should be, i guess the QB doesn’t know what play he just called, right? It’s not your fault, it’s everyone elses, but you’re not selfish. lol what a tool.

    If i was the Lions i’d just say “fine, go home then.” He didn’t get it before and apparently he still doesn’t.

  • SpinMax

    addition by subtraction

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MBJLW42IGOIWJDQMIQPXES2XQ4 DonDon

    what a baby

  • http://www.facebook.com/morgan.dewolf Morgan DeWolf

    In all seriousness, the lions need to spread the ball. If you have a receiver who gets over 1900 yards, and you only win 4 games, something is seriously wrong with your game plan.

    don’t throw to this gut though, the Diva age of the wide receiver is slowly coming to an end. He is not needed.