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Friday, May 25, 2018

Looks like Warren Sapp lied about losing his Super Bowl ring

warren-sappWarren Sapp may have surrendered many valuable items when he filed for bankruptcy, but his Super Bowl ring was not one of them.

You may recall that when Sapp filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, he reportedly claimed that he had lost his Super Bowl and NCAA national championship rings. We said at the time that Sapp was probably lying so that he wouldn’t be forced to sell the rings during the liquidation process. It looks like we were right.

An astute Joe Bucs Fan reader pointed out to the website that it looked like Sapp was wearing his Super Bowl ring to last weekend’s Eagles-Buccaneers game (photo here). There was a 10th anniversary celebration of the ’02 Super Bowl last weekend, and many were wearing the ring (photos here).

Joe Bucs Fan says Sapp may have had a replica ring made, though most people suspect he was really hiding it all along. I imagine most people probably would have done the same thing had they been in his situation.

Back in April, Sapp told a pretty convincing tale about losing the ring.

“Is it so unbelievable that I misplaced my ring?” said Sapp, a first-round pick out of Miami in 1995. “I wore it for 365 days, and we had a 7-9 season (in Tampa Bay in 2003) and I went to Oakland and I took it off. You never saw me with it anywhere. The only time I brought it out was when the NFL Network wanted us to wear it.

“We were at the Super Bowl, and I thought I handed it to someone, and he said I didn’t. I checked my luggage to see if it was in a side pocket. I checked my suit to see if I put it somewhere. What was I going to do? Yell and scream because I lost a ring? That ring didn’t make me a champion. Derrick Brooks, Simeon Rice, Ronde Barber, Brian Kelly, Dwight Smith. That crew made me a champion.

“In my life, has anyone called me a liar? Why would I start now? Someone told me something that John Adams supposedly said. Facts are stubborn. I like facts.”

This coming from the same guy who called Jeremy Shockey the bounty snitch. Sorry, Warren, we’re not buying it.

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via Tampa Bay Times, Pro Football Talk

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