Kris Jenner reportedly arranged sale of daughter Kim Kardashian’s sex tape

If you think Kim Kardashian’s rise to fame was accidental, or that she was some victim when a personal sex tape video was made public, think again.

A June report said that Kris Humphries told his ex-girlfriend that Kris Jenner, the mother of Kim Kardashian, directed her daughter’s infamous sex tape. A new report further supports that claim.

“Kris was totally involved in arranging the sale of Kim’s tape,” a source told Star magazine, according to Radar Online.

“The video already existed, and Kris was there every step of the way as a middleman brought in to market it to an adult entertainment company,” said the source, who reportedly passes a polygraph test for Star.

“I saw Kris Jenner’s signature on the contract; I believe she got somewhere between $250,000 and $500,000 for the original deal with the middleman,” the source said.

Just in case you had any reservations about how evil this woman is and how awful the family is, this should help sway your opinion.

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  • deonmcclellan

    This is a rumor started by “the ape” which shows there is no bottom as to how far he will go. With everything he has done to Kim, especially since she filed for divorce and then with what he did to Myla. This should b an eye opener for any woman who is thinking about getting involved with him. He is a low-life piece of crap.

  • EnidColeslaw

    Rumor it is not. Do some research. Tavistock Institute of London Created The Beatles, brought them over and started up music groups, lsd & free love. It was a movement. It was created. Research HOW and WHY tv was CREATED. Research yourself Do NOT take my word for it. It is crucial people start using their brains for critical thinking. Read about Rupert Murdoch & how ALL the media is controlled. Really? ? You really believe she “just needed to make lemonaide out of a sex tape? ? ? lol