Tim Duncan reportedly hired private investigator to tail wife Amy

Tim Duncan family

Tim Duncan and his wife of nearly 12 years are getting a divorce, and it seems like the San Antonio Spurs star had concerns that Amy was cheating on him.

According to San Antonio Express-News columnist Buck Harvey, Duncan had concerns about his wife last fall and hired a private investigator to follow her. Harvey also says Amy moved out of the couple’s home about a month ago.

Harvey says Duncan was not surprised about the divorce and that he was planning to file for one after the two worked out a settlement. He reportedly was surprised at the timing of Amy’s decision to file.

As we noted in a previous post, Duncan requested to have the legal discovery portion of the case delayed until after the playoffs ended. The Spurs have reached the NBA Finals and their season won’t end for another few weeks.

Tim and Amy met at Wake Forest where he played basketball and she was a cheerleader. They married on July 21, 2001, and they have two children together.

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  • ben ross

    That is a low-down-bitch! She thinks this will hurt the Spurs in the Play-offs?! Tim go on and play your game! She is no-good-bitch and the Media Whore!

  • SherylSimpson

    wow. i think you may be more upset by this than Tim…

  • disqus_1p3fyQJ9eH

    why are people going to marry someone and says I love you but then goes around and cheat on the spouse. If you were/are unhappy for some reason then you should have already left instead of going behind his back while he playing and cheat on him that is much worse. Marriage is something u cant take lightly because u agree to spend the rest of your life until death with that person. If she wanted to still date other guys she shouldn’t marry. some people out here think marriage is a game when it is not you should take marriage serious and if you are not ready to commit to one person then u don’t need to get married at all.