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Friday, October 9, 2015

Video: Patrick Kane’s Shootout Goal Made Life Difficult on Nicklas Backstrom

The interesting thing about NHL shootouts is there are some players who have as much of a chance of scoring as a 10-year-old would and others who seem to make it look easy.  Patrick Kane falls under the latter category.  Usually when we see a shootout goal scored it’s because the shooter made a couple of good stick moves and confused the goalie.  On Wednesday night, Kane beat Nicklas Backstrom by making about a dozen of them.  Check out this Patrick Kane shootout goal:

Unlike Daniel Briere, Kane managed to throw all those moves in without making the puck come to a stop.  Was there really anything Backstrom could have done? I guess he could have come out and knocked it off his stick, but it’s tough to think when his hands are moving that fast.

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