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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sean Avery Pestered Kate Upton Over Twitter and She Put Him in Check

Kate Upton is a Rangers fan, and she attended their November 28th game against the Penguins. She apparently spent some time checking out goalie Henrik Lundqvist, because Sean Avery mentioned it over Twitter after the game.

Avery, known throughout the NHL for being a “pest,” tweeted a jab at Upton earlier this month.

“Since u couldn’t stop looking [Henrik Lundqvist] last night now u can follow him…… #sorryhesmarried” he wrote to Upton.

Kate wasted little time zinging him back:

Nicely done, Kate. We’ve never been fans of Avery, so we like it anytime someone puts him in his place.

This exchange happened earlier this month, but I wasn’t aware of it until the NY Daily News pointed it out Wednesday. Maybe this is why Tyler Bozak didn’t have much luck hitting on Kate — she has her eye on Henrik.

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