NBA Player Accuser Vanessa Lopez Looks Like a Huge Gold Digger

Elaine Spottiswood Gilbert Arenas PETA ad Brandon Jennings hi-top fade Tim Tebow mechanics

Model Vanessa Lopez appears to be an NBA player gold digger [You Been Blinded]

Pictures of Elaine Spottiswood, A-Rod’s new chick [Busted Coverage]

How do all of those National Championship predictions look now? [The Wiz of Odds]

Bears thanks the fans for their support in newspaper ad [Mouthpiece Sports]

Dissecting Tim Tebow’s mechanics for the NFL [The Big Lead]

Brandon Jennings
is bringing back the hi-top fade [The Last Angry Fan]

Gilbert Arenas
was pictured in a new PETA ad [Sports by Brooks]

What the heck is PETA thinking? [Alana G at Yardbarker]

Is there a locker room security tape of the Arenas gun incident? [Ball Don't Lie]

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  • Jeff J

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if a key turnover heavily influenced the outcome in favor of the Tide.” Larry Brown

    Larry, as always you are spot on. The turnover on the last play of the first half sealed the deal. Great job!!!

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    That and the forced fumble with 3 minutes to go were huge