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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Morning Paper: Where Could Yi Be?

Bidding a farewell to Yi, we hardly knew ya [Mile High Ramblings]

Can the Yankees still win the AL East? [Complete Sports]

Could Don Imus be back on the air? [Nyjer Please]

Amanda Bynes looks great no matter what [Just Jared]

The World Series of Poker payouts are ridiculous [Sons of Sam Malone]

Hmm, what if ESPN interviewed more political figures? [The Serious Tip]

Who has a weirder birthmark, Drew Brees or Carlos Beltran? [Sedano Show]

Lipo suction ruined Tara Reid, seriously gross [IDLYITW]

Another diary entry from Carlos Zambrano [Foul Balls]

Wait a sec, American Gladiators might be back? [We Are the Postmen]

When vinegar is confused with oven cleaner at a baseball game [The Big Picture]

***34 days until Hayden Panettiere turns 18***

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