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Monday, March 30, 2015

Stephen A. Smith Flips the Bird to Skip Bayless on ESPN (Picture)

Believe me, we do everything in our power here at LBS to not feed the beasts that are Stephen A. Smth and Skip Bayless.  Both guys are annoying, and we generally try not to talk about them unless one of them flips the other one off. Well, that happened on Thursday morning’s ESPN First Take. The above screenshot comes to us courtesy of @BDPFOLIFE. If you don’t believe it actually happened, we’ve got the NSFW shot waiting for you after the jump.

Stephen A. and Skip were arguing about whether Eli Manning or Tom Brady needs a win more on Sunday for their legacy.  Per usual, all we heard coming out of their mouths was noise.  Between Terrell Suggs calling him a douchebag and now this, Skip is finally starting to get what he deserves on live television.

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