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Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Most Disgusting Toe Injury You Will Ever See (from Miguel Torres’ MMA Gym)

On Friday we passed along the story of Xtreme Couture trainer Neil Melanson who had his toe amputated instead of missing a year of training. Melanson had his toe removed by choice. What happened at Miguel Torres’ gym in Indiana was by accident. First, we present you the censored version of the photo because we warn you, it is the most disgusting toe injury you will ever see.

Now, if you can stomach it (this picture can make you vomit), we present the uncensored photo via Miguel Torres’ twitter account:

The student to whom that decapitated fish head belongs explained the injury on twitter. “Happened while sparring rolling out of a position and I heard a pop..thought it was dislocated..a pic is worth a 1000 words” he wrote. He said his surgery went well and that he might only be out six weeks. Hard to believe, huh? Between fighters losing ears in the cage and that, I think the message is clear: MMA is not for sissies.

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