Water polo player’s breast exposed on live TV (Picture)

NBC has experienced problems trying to run the Olympics on tape delay, and now we’re seeing that they’re encountering problems running things live.

At one point during the Spain-US women’s water polo match on Tuesday, a Spanish player’s swimsuit was pulled, leaving her breast exposed. The shot was noticed by many viewers and began circulating online (NSFW version at Deadspin).

An NBC commentator says it was Kami Craig who grabbed the suit and exposed the breast. She had four goals in the 9-9 tie.

This sort of wardrobe malfunction is nothing new in water polo. The play is so rough that participants will often do anything and grab anything to gain better position while struggling in the water. Sometimes private parts end up exposed. It’s just too bad the Spanish player didn’t have her other arm free so that she could pull a Venus Williams.

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  • Kristen Verrier

    I watched the men’s synchro 10m platform (with my kids) and we were all treated to a bare behind, once in slow motion. I guess tape delay or live it is still bodies with little coverage doing things that are amazing to watch but you might get an eyeful.  Big deal.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KRYGKLVOJXPY3XS5PLL7J36BIY The Doctor

    So what?  It’s not like there’s anything sexy about that.  It’s just a boob.  People are just such prudes.  Get over it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jmckinneyjr.1 Jack McKinney Jr.

    Who are these people who so hate the human body?How ugly their perception of their own body must be.The first Olympics were done in the nude,imagine that today.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sthelensbull Kenneth J Yucha

    That is just another FCC complaint from “PRUDE” HAS-BEENS that have no place in today’s society, let alone running and regulating what we see on tv. It is a breast, big deal, I’ve seen bigger breasts on men without their shirts on!! (sorry for the graphical vision….lol)