Top 2014 recruit Cameron Robinson chooses Alabama over home-state LSU

Cameron-RobinsonCameron Robinson is a five-star recruit who is considered the best overall offensive lineman in the class of 2014. Many consider him to be one of the top-three players in the class at any position, which is why it is no surprise that he verbally committed to Alabama on Wednesday. Or is it?

Robinson plays for West Monroe High School in Louisiana. Yes, the same Louisiana that calls itself the home of Alabama’s biggest rival. Robinson had narrowed his choice down to LSU and Alabama in late May and said he had no favorite between the two earlier this summer.

“Neither school has really separated themselves from each other,” he told Rivals.com back in July, via College Football Talk. “People are talking and don’t know what they’re talking about. Neither school has led for me. I don’t have a lead school other than those two. If I had to make a choice tomorrow I don’t know if I could because I actually don’t know where I want to go.”

The commitment is only a verbal, which means Robinson can change his mind between now and the time he intends to enroll at Alabama in January. Another Louisiana high school star, wide receiver Cameron Sims, also committed to Bama a little over a week ago. He and Robinson are friends.

Stealing Louisiana recruits from LSU is nothing new for Nick Saban. As you may remember, a five-star defensive back’s mother made it known on national television that she did not agree with her son’s decision to commit to Alabama over LSU last year. But from the player’s perspective, it’s hard to turn down a team that has won three national championships in the last four years.

Alabama using Texas A&M as motivation in the weight room


Alabama accomplished its goal of winning another national championship last season, but Texas A&M prevented the Crimson Tide from enjoying an undefeated season. Johnny Manziel and company won a 29-24 thriller over Alabama in Tuscaloosa last November, and Nick Saban is making sure his team does not forget about the loss heading into the 2013 season.

As TexAgs.com first pointed out, Alabama recently had its loss to Texas A&M playing on every TV in the weight room and the Aggies’ logo hanging from every weight station. If someone told you before last season that Texas A&M would become Alabama’s motivation in the school’s first season as a member of the SEC, you probably would have laughed in their face.

The motivation tactic is another example of what a perfectionist Saban is. Some would say winning a BCS National Championship is all that matters, but clearly Saban wants his team to understand there was room for improvement. They could have been better, and he expects them to be this season.

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Alabama is getting a waterfall in its football locker room

Nick-Saban-BCS-trophyMost high school football players in America dream of one day playing for Nick Saban and Alabama, and there are several reasons for that. First and foremost, the Crimson Tide have won three national championships since 2009. Alabama is a perennial powerhouse that contends for a national title on an annual basis. Not only that, but what other school has a waterfall in its locker room?

On Sunday, high school quarterback David Cornwell — who committed to Alabama last week — tweeted something about a water fall being built in his future team’s locker room.

Jeff Purinton, Alabama’s associate athletics director of football communications, told LarryBrownSports.com on Monday that the waterfall is indeed under construction, although he noted that the term “waterfall” can give off the impression that it’s more elaborate than it actually is.

“I think sometimes when people hear that they think of some 100-foot deal or Niagra Falls or something like that,” Purinton said. “There are some hot and cold tubs going in our new renovation area here and then a few feet above, while you’re sitting in the tubs, the water will fall kind of over the edge. It’s not finished yet but by the time August camp rolls around we’ll have a new team meeting room and some other space that’s being redone.”

The waterfalls are part of the $9 million upgrades to the locker room, which also includes new graphics, lockers, meeting rooms and a theater-style meeting room.

While it may not be a big deal to some, the new structure obviously made an impression on Cornwell, otherwise he wouldn’t have tweeted about it. A waterfall has nothing to do with football, but it adds another element of awesomeness to Alabama’s football program. Like Kentucky’s unbelievable new basketball housing facility, I’m sure it will play a tiny roll in helping to lure new recruits.

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Alabama recruit Derek Kief uses baby sister to announce commitment (Video)

Derek-Kief-Alabama-baby-sisterHigh school wide receiver recruit Derek Kief announced his commitment to Alabama in a very unique way over the weekend. Kief, who is a four-star recruit that is ranked 32nd at his position by Scout.com, had been keeping fans in the loop by regularly updating his personal website to inform them of which schools he was considering.

Kief had narrowed his decision down to Alabama, Notre Dame, Kentucky, Ohio State and Northwestern before posting the clever video you see above on YouTube on Sunday. The La Salle High school star incorporated his whole family into the clip before unveiling his baby sister Zoey, who was dressed in Crimson Tide colors with an Alabama “A” on the front of her outfit. After that, his entire family was dressed in Alabama gear and enthusiastically making the “Roll Tide” hand signal.

That’s a lot of hype for a high school recruit, but it’s nothing we aren’t used to seeing. Whether it be a football player getting a tattoo and later changing his mind or basketball player shaving a logo into the back of his head, announcing one’s commitment has become a production in itself. Let’s hope Kief lives up to the hype that he is creating for himself.

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Alabama, LSU have both offered a scholarship to 8th-grader Dylan Moses

Dylan-Moses-AlabamaEventually, doctors in the maternity ward are going to be asking college coaches like Nick Saban and Les Miles to give mothers a little space when their sons are coming out of the womb. Yes, that’s an exaggeration. But how young is too young for an athlete to be recruited to play a sport in college? For many coaches, the answer to that question is younger than 13 years old.

On Saturday, the defending national champion Crimson Tide extended a scholarship offer to an eight-grader from Baton Rouge named Dylan Moses. If you feel as though Saban should not be offering children who are that young a scholarship, you have an even bigger bone to pick with Miles. Moses received an offer from LSU last summer.

“For Dylan, excitement spilled over,” the boy’s father, Edward Moses Jr., said according to ESPN.com. “When he heard those words from Coach [Nick] Saban, ‘We’re offering you,’ you could see him light up. It was shocking because we were going in thinking we were just going to get a tour of what Alabama has to offer.

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Charles Barkley pokes fun at Alabama football for arrests (Video)

Charles-Barkley-muggedAs you probably know, Charles Barkley went to Auburn. Like most other Tigers, he is not very fond of Alabama. Barkley is also one of the most outspoken television analysts in sports, which is why it comes as no surprise that he wore a bandage and put fake blood on his head on the set of TNT’s “Inside the NBA” Thursday night to poke fun at the recent Alabama player arrests.

“Ernie, you’re not gonna believe this,” Barkley said to co-host Ernie Johnson. “Being the Auburn guy that I am, I wanted to be first class. I went down to the University of Alabama to congratulate the Crimson Tide on winning a BCS Championship and I got mugged. I got mugged in Tuscaloosa, Ernie, and my credit cards are missing.”

Barkley was then told to “leave the kids alone” by his colleagues.

“Oh it’s my fault they buggin’ people?” he replied.

While the charade was simply Chuck being Chuck, the incident hardly seems like a laughing matter. As the student who was reportedly “badly beaten” by four Bama players told The Crimson White, the mugging was allegedly violent and excessive. Nevertheless, we don’t expect Charles to be able to resist.

Hey, it’s probably not the worst thing he’s said since becoming an analyst.

Reuben Foster dresses as Nick Saban while signing Alabama letter of intent (Picture)

Reuben Foster has officially signed his letter of intent with Alabama. Most of you have probably heard of the five-star linebacker recruit from Auburn (Ala.) High School. Foster is the dude who committed to Alabama last July before switching his commitment to Auburn and getting this tattoo to prove it. It turns out that getting the ink was a bit of a rash decision, as Foster later decommitted from Auburn and went back to — you guessed it — Alabama.

On Wednesday morning, Foster made it clear that he is excited to play for Nick Saban next season by dressing up like the three-time SEC Coach of The Year.

Saban typically comes across as a pretty serious guy, so Foster must already be pretty comfortable with him to go down that road. Five-star recruits can probably get away with a little more than the average high school player.

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