Andre Iguodala: I almost signed with Kings, but they gave me a deadline

Andre IguodalaThe Sacramento Kings were seemingly hours away from making a major splash in free agency earlier this month, but their deal with Andre Iguodala fell through. Actually, most reports indicate they took the offer off the table.

Though he denied it, Iguodala seemed to express his frustration with the Kings on Twitter after they decided to go in a different direction. In a recent interview with NBA.com’s Scott Howard-Cooper, the former Denver Nuggets point guard said Sacramento gave him a deadline, which rubbed him the wrong way.

“When you’re dealing with deadlines as a player, it’s not really a positive thing to say, ‘All right, they’re giving me a deadline,’” Iguodala said, via Pro Basketball Talk. “You don’t want to really get into deadlines. We had really good conversations and I was close. After the first day, they were in the top three teams, top two teams.

“I think with (new owner) Vivek (Ranadive) coming from (the Warriors) ownership group and going out on his own and getting a team, he has a really good vision of what he wants to build in Sacramento. That vision was really attractive. I was almost close to going there.”

What likely happened is that the Kings got the impression Iguodala was using their offer as leverage to to drive up his offer from Denver. They felt like a pawn in a game he was playing, so they decided to pull the plug. Iguodala then turned around and signed with the Golden State Warriors, which probably gives him a better chance to win anyway.

As we said before, the Kings’ new ownership group was making a statement with the way it dealt with Iguodala. Now, the question is whether it will come back to haunt them.

Andre Iguodala did not seem happy about Sacramento Kings pulling their offer

Andre-Iguodala-NuggetsOn Tuesday, reports surfaced that the Sacramento Kings were aggressively pursuing Andre Iguodala and had offered him a generous four-year, $52 million deal. The offer was not on the table very long.

The Kings pulled the offer either late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. A team source reportedly told USA Today Sports that Sacramento wanted a fast answer from the 29-year-old veteran, who was reportedly considering returning to the Denver Nuggets in addition to exploring his options with other teams. Just before word surfaced that the offer was pulled, Iguodala tweeted the following:

ESPN’s Chris Broussard said on Wednesday that the Kings felt as though Iguodala was trying to use them to leverage his position with Denver, which rubbed them the wrong way.

As you know, the Kings are under new ownership. They seemingly decided to go in a different from Tyreke Evans after the point guard was offered a lucrative deal from the New Orleans Pelicans — one that was hefty enough to illicit this reaction from Reggie Miller. Perhaps Sacramento’s new owners are trying to prove that they won’t be pushed around.

Andre Iguodala is LeBron James’ No. 1 defender

LeBron James trophiesLeBron James has suddenly proven he can win multiple championships like some of the best players to ever play in the NBA, but that hasn’t stopped the haters from constantly scrutinizing him. Because of mistakes like “The Decision” that he made early in his career, LeBron is never going to stop hearing it.

One person who would like for the criticism to change is Denver Nuggets guard Andre Iguodala. After the Miami Heat won Game 7 on Thursday night, Iguodala defended LeBron with the following tweet:

For me personally, LeBron has become much more difficult to hate over the past few seasons. In addition to proving he is a clutch player who can shine on the biggest stage, he has shown he is not afraid to hold himself accountable and have a little fun with the fans.

Iguodala sent multiple tweets throughout Game 7 praising LeBron, and the kind words were well-deserved. LeBron has gained the respect of players around the league with the way he has played in the playoffs the past two years. A 37-point, 12-rebound performance in Game 7 of the NBA Finals and another Finals MVP trophy will only cause that level of admiration to grow.

Clippers and Sixers Could Swap Andre Iguodala for Chris Kaman

The Clippers have been open to trading center Chris Kaman since the time he got hurt and backup center DeAndre Jordan began playing well. Likewise, it seemed inevitable that the Sixers would deal Andre Iguodala after he missed his season-ending exit meeting. Just last month the Philly Inquirer said the team was looking to trade him. There have been reports of an Iguodala for Kaman trade and Iggy supposedly would love to play with the Clips. Adding to the trade speculation is what Alex Kennedy wrote at Hoops Hype Monday.

Kennedy says Iguodala is open to a trade, that he doesn’t expect to be back in Philly next season, and that the Sixers don’t want a player who has a long-term contract in return. Kaman fits that profile well because he’s only set to make $12.2 million next season before his contract expires. Iguodala is set to make over $28 million the next two years and he has a player option for $15.9 million in three years, something he’ll definitely pick up.

Philly may not be inclined to trade Iguodala for Kaman straight up, but that’s an excellent basis for a potential deal. Perhaps the Clippers could add in another player or draft pick to make it more realistic. Either way, it seems as if Iguodala will be dealt and the Clippers seem like a possible trade partner.

LeBron James Dunks Hard to Prove Andre Iguodala Wrong

The Miami Heat beat the Philadelphia 76ers on Friday evening 111-99 outscoring them 34-17 in the 4th quarter. Though the final score was important, the real story was LeBron James responding to Andre Iguodala’s comment before the game.

Ethan J. Skolnick of The Palm Beach Post says that before the game Iggy described a change in LeBron’s game. “He doesn’t expend too much energy trying to dunk on guys,” Iguodala explained. “He makes the easy play now. He doesn’t go down the lane and windmill in the halfcourt set, or backwards dunk it. It’s just kind of just get the finish. It’s kind of like he’s preserving his body for the long haul.”

Those comments seemed to be a fair observation and LeBron didn’t dispute them when asked to respond before the game. However, LeBron did promise to show Iguodala his comments weren’t going to be accurate Friday night. And he did just that. LeBron got some nice dunks including this awesome alley-oop throwdown from Dwyane Wade:

I know there’s two cliches that would fit in quite well here. Something about Superman’s cape and sleeping dogs. Iguodala shouldn’t have tugged or awakened, not necessarily in that order.

Video: Andre Iguodala Dunk Fail

Sixers forward-guard Andre Iguodala is about as talented a player one can be without being a superstar.. He’s played, and played well, for USA Basketball in the FIBA World Championships. Including this season in which he’s missed some games due to injuries, Iguodala has played in all 82 games five times in his seven years in the NBA. He’s long, athletic, and he finished second in the NBA Dunk Contest in just his second season — a contest many believe he deserved to win. But Tuesday night against the Hawks, Iguodala had an embarrassing moment on a break away dunk attempt:

What might be better than the miss is the play-by-play guy’s pronuciations of Iguodala and “embarrassin’.” I realize there are differently levels of broadcaster, but shouldn’t a basic requirement be an ability to speak well?