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Friday, May 27, 2016

Articles tagged: Boston Red Sox

At Least Schilling Won’t Pull a Damon

The very day that his team held its World Series celebration parade in Boston, Curt Schilling decided to celebrate in the best way possible — by saying adios.

Josh Beckett Drops F-Bomb on Reporter After Game

Following his Game 5 masterpiece (what else is new?), Beckett cruised to the podium for the usual five minute borefest known as a postgame media conference. Only this one had a little spice to it.

Die, Danny Vinik, Die

I loathe you, Danny Vinik.  You are the anti-Steve Bartman, the next Jeffrey Maier.

Jonathan Papelbon Does the Irish Jig

I just don’t even know what to make of this video. Is he drunk? Is he high? Is he just that giddy? Either way, he’s challenging Joakim Noah for the biggest clown yet.

Jonathan Papelbon Is Nails

After all the back-and-forth garbage throughout the off-season and Spring Training, it was easy to see after last night’s game why the Red Sox moved Jonathan Papelbon back to the bullpen.

Baseball Preview: Boston Red Sox

An opening day preview of the Boston Red Sox including a list of what fans should and shouldn’t be excited about, how the off-season went, and where the club will finish

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