Cubs mocked manager Dale Sveum with hunting gear during first team meeting

Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum was involved in a frightening hunting accident over the offseason. Since he was not seriously injured, it’s one of those incidents that we can all look back on and laugh. The team did just that during its first full squad meeting on Sunday.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Cubs all showed up to the meeting in their warm-up jackets and went to take them off at the same time, which took Sveum by surprise.

“Halfway into the meeting they all took their jackets off and they all had bright orange hunting gear on, and hats,” Sveum said. “Of course they gave me one with a target.”

Classic. Of course, the person who orchestrated the prank has not come forward. Unless he feels like carrying buckets of balls to practice for a week, the brains behind the operation will probably remain anonymous. Sveum laughed it off but also said “God help them” if he finds out who was responsible. Could it have been Matt Garza? If it was, he’s not saying.

“It was a good one, just to kind of loosen people up,” Garza said. “I know the first day is usually a little nerve-wracking, especially with (all the media around). Whoever did that, it was a good one. … Guys laughed it off and Skip laughed it off. I think it was a good icebreaker for a bunch of guys, (to) kind of loosen the tone, the feelings.

“Everyone was a little nervous… When the person who gets it is laughing, that’s a good one. If he gets a mean face, probably not the move you want to make.”

Sveum had to have known this was coming, so he’s probably relieved to get it out of the way before the first official team meeting. Although, something tells me this won’t be the last he hears about the quail hunting fiasco.

NBC updates show to remove Cubs winning World Series reference (Picture)

Credit the people who work on the NBC show “Revolution” for their attention to detail. “Revolution” is a sci-fi show that takes place in 2027, 15 years after a force takes away the electricity from earth, changing life as we know it.

In the clip featured above, some of the show’s characters are seen walking past an abandoned Wrigley Field in 2027. According to the Chicago Tribune, when the TV show debuted online this spring, the marquee below the sign in front of Wrigley Field called the Cubs the 2012 World Series champions (image on left). However, when the show premiered on Monday night, the marquee had been updated to remove the Cubs World Series reference (image on right).

Earlier this year, the Cubs still had some hopes for a successful season, but now that we’re in September, reality has sunk in and the team has the second-worst record in MLB and is mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

There must be a lot of Cubs fans in the entertainment industry, because we also saw a commercial for a video game that had them winning the Fall Classic. Cubs fans have already been through so much heartache; there’s no need to tease them even more.

Thanks, Deadspin

Cubs were upset with Nationals for playing hard while up by 5

It was understandable why the Cubs were frustrated after being pounded by the Nationals for four straight games this week, but their reason for starting two fights on Thursday made little sense.

The Cubs were on their way to getting swept in the four-game series (they were outscored 31-9), when they decided to pick a fight with the Nats. Ian Desmond and Danny Espinosa both stole second for the Nats in the 5th when the team was up 7-2. The score was the same when Jayson Werth took a big cut at a 3-0 curveball later in the inning. That apparently was poor form in the eyes of the Cubs, so bench coach Jamie Quirk began calling out Nats third base coach Bo Porter, sparking the first of two bench-clearing scuffles.

“Here we are in the fifth inning, we’re in a pennant race, we’re going to swing 3-0, we’re going to do everything,” Nats manager Davey Johnson said, per The Washington Post. “We ain’t stopping trying to score runs. Certainly, a five-run lead at that time is nothing. I think it was the bench coach’s frustration in us handing it to them for a couple days. If they want to quit competing and forfeit, then fine. But we’re going to keep competing.”

The Nats pointed out that they blew a 9-0 lead to the Braves in July. Why should they stop trying when they’re up 7-2 with four innings left? Their logic makes complete sense while the Cubs’ doesn’t. Chicago apparently would like a rule put in place saying teams can no longer play hard when they’re up by 5-or-more runs.

Unless the Cubs are agreeing to call the game after four and a half innings and take a 7-2 loss, they shouldn’t say anything about the Nats continuing to try and win the game.

I’m really sick of the unwritten rules in baseball. It’s not like this was a D-I college powerhouse blowing out a D-III team 35-0 in the 8th and stealing bases, these are two Major League Baseball teams with paid professionals playing in a close game. There is no mercy, and teams shouldn’t ask for it. If there was a team that was wrong in the situation, it certainly was not the Nats. It was the Cubs.

Below is a video of the two fights:

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Cubs dress up as Super Mario Bros. characters for road trip (Picture)

The Cubs may be having a horrendous season, but it’s nice to see they are still having some fun. Big changes for the better were expected in Chicago when Theo Epstein took the reins, and in his first season as GM Cubs fans have seen the complete opposite. The Cubs are 38-56, in last place in the NL Central and are looking to be sellers at the trade deadline. None of that nonsense has stopped them from dressing up for road trips.

As you can see from the photo that Cubs writer Doug Padilla shared on Twitter, the Chicago players dressed up as “Super Mario Bros.” characters this past weekend before their trip to Pittsburgh. Pictured above are pitcher Scott Maine, catcher Steve Clavenger and infielder Bryan LaHair. They may be one of the worst teams in baseball, but good for the Cubs for finding a way to keep it unique. We’ve seen the Rays wear all white before a road trip this year, the Cardinals rock these crazy tuxedos and the Mets dress like cowboys. To our knowledge, this is 2012′s first Nintendo-themed road trip.

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Cubs ballgirl apparently gives out her number during game (Video)

What we’re looking at here appears to be (and Cubs TV analyst Bob Brenly would certainly agree so) a Chicago Cubs ballgirl during a break in the game against the Braves on Monday writing down her digits on a slip of paper for somebody. But what’s frustratingly unclear is who that somebody was. Was it that security guard she handed the message to? A fan? A Braves player, perhaps? If it’s the latter, Annie Savoy would be proud.

Of course, it’s completely plausible she was writing something totally unrelated. Maybe she was letting the clubhouse know she wanted a heater. Or maybe a turkey sandwich. But we certainly hope a love connection was made. Because if the Cubs aren’t getting lucky at Wrigley this year, we hope at least somebody is.

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Visiting teams say Cubs new scoreboard makes it hard for relievers to warm up

One of the updates the Cubs made to Wrigley Field for the 2012 season was a new LED scoreboard in right field. The new addition, which is featured in the photo above, was built on the idea of not having to clutter the bleachers with advertisements. This way, ads can be rotated through the scoreboard sitting under the right field bleachers and are less invasive to the park itself. But there seems to be one problem: It’s too bright.

According to the Chicago Tribune, opposing players have complained that the lights on the new scoreboard get so bright at times that it makes it difficult for their relievers to warm up. The visiting bullpen at Wrigley is located down the right field line, and teams have complained that catchers have trouble seeing the ball because of the LED board.

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‘MLB 12: The Show’ commercial shows Cubs winning World Series (Video)

Only Cubs fans truly know how this commercial makes Cubs fan feel. Correct me if I’m wrong, but my best guess is it brings out extremely mixed emotions. On one hand, the creators of the ad did a tremendous job of making it seem authentic. You really get the impression that this is what the streets of Chicago would look like if the Cubs broke their 104-year World Series drought. That being said, it’s not real. Does that mean it simply adds to the pain?

Whatever the case, the folks at MLB 12: The Show did a fantastic job with the commercial in my opinion. That’s about as authentic as it gets. I almost cried when that old guy cut his beard off. Anytime you can make people laugh and cry in a one-minute span, you’ve done something right.

Fist pound to Big League Stew for passing the video along