Chris Broussard confirmed LeBron James’ decision after LeBron’s announcement (Video)

Chris BroussardWhen Chris Broussard is working on a scoop, nothing will deter him. Nothing. Not even a first-person announcement from the person about whom he’s reporting.

LeBron James had already announced in an essay on SI.com that he was returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers when Broussard was on ESPN and asked to confirm the decision. Yes, Broussard seriously confirmed an announcement LeBron had already made.

Broussard did so by looking at his cell phone and saying “he’s going back to Cleveland.”

Not to be overlooked here is Jay Crawford asking Broussard to confirm the announcement. Thanks Jay. Like we needed this confirmed. Seriously, what a dumb thing to ask of Broussard.

At least the good news is Broussard finally revealed his source:

If you don’t understand that reference, read this.

And if you liked that Chris Broussard story, you’ll love this one too.

Here’s the full video:

Vine video via Matt Clapp; YouTube via The Big Lead

Chris Broussard discusses his infamous trade deadline sources

Chris BroussardChris Broussard’s reporting and seemingly loose usage of “sources” is a topic of fodder among many sports fans. We’ve blasted him in the past for seemingly lifting another reporter’s report and passing it off as his own a week later. Then the internet had a blast with him two years ago after he reported on news of Deron Williams’ free agent decision several minutes after Williams himself announced the news.

With the NBA trade deadline a day away, ESPN did a segment on “SportsCenter” Wednesday called the art of the trade deadline where they called upon their experts to explain how things work from people who are on the inside. First former Portland Trail Blazers and Memphis Grizzlies front office member Tom Penn shared what it’s like discussing deals from a team’s perspective. Then it was Broussard’s turn to share how he (attempts to) distinguishes fact from fiction when it comes to reporting with all the rumors around.

“Well it depends on the quality of your source,” Broussard began. “If you’ve got a source in that team — say Portland, just throwing out a team — and it’s a general manager, assistant GM, somebody you know that’s in the room with the decision makers, and he tells you something, that’s a good enough source to go with.

“A lot of times — more often than not — [information] comes from other teams. A team that may have spoken to Portland, or that did speak to Portland, and they heard Portland’s trying to get such and such a player or Portland’s trying to get a backup point guard or whatever the case. And so those you have to be a little more careful with because it’s second-hand information that’s when you search for other sources that can confirm that. You just have to measure the quality of your sources.”

So there you have it: if it was someone in the room, you can go with that source. If it wasn’t, then it takes some more work to confirm. No word from Broussard on what to do to determine if the source in the room is just using you to get information out there. He didn’t really get into that part.

Rick Carlisle pulls a Popovich in interview with Chris Broussard (Video)

Rick Carlisle Chris BroussardDallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle decided he wasn’t about divulge any useful information during an in-game interview with ESPN’s Chris Broussard on Wednesday night, so he did his best Gregg Popovich impression.

Carlisle responded to each of of Broussard’s questions with one word – “yes.” He then told Broussard, “this is my Popovich impersonation.”

The Mavs were losing by 14 points after the third quarter, which is when the interview took place, so that explains why Carlisle was so irritated. Maybe he would have had a different attitude had he known his team would beat the Houston Rockets 123-120 at the end of the night.

Anyway, that really wasn’t a bad Pop impersonation. It was actually pretty close. Here’s one of Pop’s interviews for comparison.

H/T LBS tipster David

Chris Broussard sends message for his ‘haters’ on Twitter before vacation

Chris Broussard was never the most popular NBA reporter in the country, and this past season did nothing to improve his reputation. Like the rest of the ESPN NBA playoff crew, Broussard was painful to watch before and after postseason games. Then there has been his breaking news and inside information on Twitter, which recently became the butt of everyone’s jokes after he cited his “sources” who said Deron Williams signed an extension with the Nets after Deron already announced it himself.

This week, Broussard is taking a much-needed vacation with his family in the Caribbean now that the NBA season has come to a close. For whatever reason, he felt the need to call out his “haters” before he left.

That’s never a good idea when players do it, and it sounds even dumber coming from a reporter. Obviously Broussard is frustrated with the amount of crap he’s been getting from everyone on Twitter and elsewhere, but he should have just taken his Caribbean vacation and slept on it. Now he can expect the “haters” to come at him even harder.

H/T The Big Lead

Chris Broussard arrives hilariously late to the Deron Williams party

We now know Deron Williams will be staying with the Nets. We know this because Williams himself tweeted the news a little over an hour ago. Soon after, Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reported the contract figures: 5 years, $100 million. And yet, all this didn’t stop ESPN’s resourceful Chris Broussard from chiming in with some breaking news of his own.

At 7:15 ET, 12 minutes after Williams first informed the world of his decision, Broussard tweeted out some huge news from a “source”:

And then just to be sure:

Somebody get this man a Pulitzer!

Credit Broussard for doing his due diligence, I guess. But there’s no way he can come out of this without looking like a dork. Even if he was working the phones while all of this went down, it’s on him for not being aware. For one, he follows Williams on Twitter. Obviously there’s more to reporting than trusting Twitter, but he was still beaten to the punch by a pretty reputable reporter and, as of writing, still hasn’t given credit to Wojnarowski (like David Aldridge gave to Broussard for another story here) or even Williams himself, for that matter.

H/T Jimmy Traina

Stan Van Gundy slams Chris Broussard for criticizing Erik Spoelstra

Stan Van Gundy is a good basketball coach, and he’s as honest as it gets when it comes to coaches dealing with the media. Seriously, this guy sold Dwight Howard out in one of the most awkward videos of all time. He tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back.

When asked about the comments of ESPN’s Chris Broussard, who said last week that the Heat is not well coached and that Erik Spoelstra doesn’t have credibility, Van Gundy responded harshly.

“My first thought is that Chris Broussard has no knowledge of coaching and wouldn’t know it if he saw it,” the former Magic coach said on 790 The Ticket in Miami. “I’d like to get some specifics from Chris of what he thinks coaching is, and what’s not happening.

“My second thought is this: When [Broussard] says they need somebody of the ilk of Phil Jackson, Pat Riley and Gregg Popovich, two thoughts on that — there aren’t many guys of that ilk period … and second of all, if that’s the ilk they need, maybe they’re not any damn good anyway. And my third thing is in the game today there aren’t many guys as good as Erik Spoelstra. And I would rather cite a couple of things rather than just an opinion.

“[The Heat] is the best defensive team that I have ever seen that doesn’t have size. I’ve never seen an elite defensive team in the NBA, until this Miami team, that doesn’t have size. To me, there has to be a helluva lot of coaching in there. Obviously they have great quickness, but if you look at all the other best defensive teams in the league, they all have great size and Miami doesn’t. And yet they defend very well, and they do it because Erik has gotten the guys to buy into what they do.”

Van Gundy proceeded to knock the perception that Doc Rivers was overachieving with the Celtics by pointing out he has three first-ballot Hall of Famers in his lineup. He also cited Chris Bosh’s injury as the reason the Heat have fallen behind in their past two series, and he thinks that’s been overlooked by the media.

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Ric Bucher Criticizes Chris Broussard’s Lakers Report That ESPN Stole from Mark Heisler

This story is so fantastic on so many levels, it’s hard to know where to begin. Let’s start with earlier this week, when ESPN NBA writer Chris Broussard “reported” that the Lakers were interested in adding Chris Paul AND Dwight Howard. We had heard several times before that Dwight was interested in the Lakers, and it was natural to figure the Lakers would be interested in Paul. But adding both players? It was enough to send all of Los Angeles into a frenzy. The funny thing is there was nothing original about Broussard’s “report” that wasn’t already published a week earlier.

On Monday, November 28th, former Lakers beat writer Mark Heisler published a column on Sheridan Hoops reporting the exact same thing. Heisler said the Lakers were dreaming of adding both CP3 and Dwight Howard, and that they had the pieces to make competitive trade offers for both players. Tell me what information from Broussard’s report was any different from what Heisler wrote eight days earlier. Nothing, except he used Heisler’s report (which was mentioned here at LBS, at CBS Sports, and elsewhere), to help him form the story.

Oh yeah, Broussard’s sources also told him that Paul and Howard had conversations about playing together. Might his sources be Yahoo! Sports, who had that scoop on December 1st?

Then on Wednesday, the real fun began.

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