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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Chris Broussard

Mark Cuban takes shot at Chris Broussard

Mark Cuban revived an old beef on Wednesday when he fired a shot at ESPN reporter Chris Broussard. You may recall that during the Mavericks’ courtship of then-free agent DeAndre Jordan, Broussard had reported that Cuban was driving around Houston begging for Jordan’s address. Cuban called out Broussard for the report and challenged him to…Read More

Chris Broussard apologizes for Mark Cuban report

Chris Broussard appears to have backtracked on his report about Mark Cuban that caused so much uproar. The ESPN reporter sent a statement on Twitter Friday to apologize for not reaching out to the Mavericks owner prior to sending his controversial tweet Tuesday night. “Regarding my Wednesday report: I should have attempted to contact Mark…Read More

Chris Broussard fires back at Mark Cuban: ‘I stand by my sources’

Chris Broussard is taking the word of his sources over that of Mark Cuban in a report about Mark Cuban. On Wednesday night, Broussard reported that Cuban was driving around the Houston area texting DeAndre Jordan’s family in a desperate attempt to figure out where Jordan lives. Cuban responded on Thursday morning by unloading on…Read More

Mark Cuban unloads on Chris Broussard for his DeAndre Jordan reporting

Mark Cuban says he has not spoken to DeAndre Jordan in two days, but that doesn’t mean he was driving around like a crazed ex-girlfriend trying to meet with the then-free agent center on Wednesday night. Shortly after word surfaced that the Los Angeles Clippers were holding Jordan hostage at his home until he re-signed…Read More

Bomani Jones, Chris Broussard in heated Twitter argument over abstinence

Bomani Jones and Chris Broussard got into a heated Twitter argument Tuesday over abstinence. The comments came up in response to what Jones said on ESPN show “Highly Questionable” concerning Russell Wilson’s vow of abstinence with girlfriend Ciara. Broussard, an NBA insider for ESPN, heard Jones speak critically of Wilson’s premarital sex beliefs, and decided…Read More

Chris Broussard discusses his infamous trade deadline sources

Chris Broussard’s reporting and seemingly loose usage of “sources” is a topic of fodder among many sports fans. We’ve blasted him in the past for seemingly lifting another reporter’s report and passing it off as his own a week later. Then the internet had a blast with him two years ago after he reported on…Read More

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